The distributed ledger technology, most specifically the blockchain, continues to earn loyal fans around the planet. The latest institution to adopt the approach in search of innovative and efficient solutions is the US Air Force, which achieved a commercial partnership that promises to take its business to another level.

The Constellation blockchain company announced in recent hours that it had reached an agreement with the US Air Force with the intention of helping it automate the armed force department’s large data management.

Securing Data

Constellation provided a statement in which it offered more details about said agreement. The firm says that drones, planes, satellites, and other sources of data are excellent candidates to receive help from the Distributed Ledger Technology. Constellation is known for helping secure data silos from traditionally locked sources.

Named Multi-Domain Command and Control, the product aims to improve interoperability within the US Air Force by connecting several data silos for the armed force wing. Additionally, Constellation will offer audit trails and real-time analysis and assessment of data sources.

“Currently, the data lifecycle is very broken with data storage being siloed while data creation, management, and hygiene is a semi-manual process,” according to Constellations Mathias Goldman’s remarks to a specialized crypto news site. He also observed that “the USAF is looking to automate much of their big data initiatives in a secure manner.”

Helping the US Air Force in its Decision-Making

Basically, Constellation will be tasked with building systems between creation, storage, and management, which will aid the US Air Force in its decision-making. The blockchain platform lets users manage huge data flows through encryption.

According to Constellation itself, the strategic alliance actually started six months ago, and the US Air Force approached it to see if the blockchain company was interested in helping, which resulted in a positive answer and a potentially fruitful agreement.

Constellation Network Inc., is a San Francisco based technology and blockchain company. The agreement it signed with the US Air Force is part of the USAF SBIR Phase I program that offers the rails to a solution fully integrated with Air Force constituents, according to Constellation.

A “Match with the Right Partner”

“It’s a match at the right time with the right partner,” according to Benjamin Diggles, the VP of Business Development at Constellation. He says that the “USAF has a multitude of data sources like drones, planes, and satellites that need to be secured. Clean and consolidated data that can be queried instantly is a big need within the defense apparatus.”

Meanwhile, Constellation’s CEO Benjamin Jorgensen commented that “while people aren’t buying blockchain off of shelves, government organizations have the opportunity to drive innovation. The move by the United States Government to work with early-stage businesses and early innovation shows a massive shift by the public sector to be leaders in revolutionizing existing infrastructures by adopting new technologies that protect consumers’ privacy, while tackling futuristic visions of the connected world and joining the private sector in the $50B industry of big data.”

By Andres Chavez


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