Several technology companies, startups, and firms linked to blockchain and cryptocurrencies support global movements such as Black Lives Matter. The idea is to incorporate an increasing number of members of the black community into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Citizens, companies, and personalities from around the world support movements such as Black Lives Matter and other projects. At the same time, blockchain companies and cryptocurrencies are actively involved in these movements.

In this way, the blockchain risk study Draper Goren Holm, which supports and develops tools such as the decentralized exchange plug-in for websites, has joined these movements in search of racial equity.

On the occasion of the celebration of the Juneteenth or Emancipation Day that is commemorated on June 19th in the United States, several companies, institutions, platforms, websites, and their respective main actors held a virtual event that was “a greeting to the triumph of the Black America on slavery and a call to critical action.”

Racial Equity

This group aims to promote racial equity to achieve financial equality. In this way, they seek to eliminate the zero wealth gap and create financial equality of economic inclusion.

The blockchain risk study Draper Goren Holm is creating the “Blacks on the Blockchain” initiative with OHUB. To begin with, they are allocating USD 1 million worth Bitcoin for the members of the black community to acquire their first digital currency. The idea is that they also interact with the main leaders of this industry.

Those who support this racial equity project include Opportunity Hub, Living Cities, The Plug, Impact Network, and 28 opinion leaders such as co-founder of Teachstars Brad Fled.

New Actions for the Community

Brad Fled and Rodney Sampson, from Opportunity Hub, joined forces to create Equity.District. This initiative aims to create an ecosystem that bases on racial equity designed to foster diversity, equity, and sustained inclusion in all communities.

In the same way, ISA’s management platform, Leif, is joining forces with OHUB’s Future School to launch the first vehicle for financing the Income Sharing Agreement (“ISA”), which focuses on racial equity.

This group of investors reported that they had donated USD 50 million to initiate commitments to racial equity, skills, jobs, new businesses, and working capital.

Additionally, OHUB partnered with The Impact Network to repackage and syndicate its 7-year library of exclusive chats and large-scale events, as well as classes and seminars. To do this, they have leading experts in cutting-edge technology, skills of the future, entrepreneurship, investment, and creation of wealth.

This union has the objective of reaching more than 88 million homes in the black community. In this way, The Impact is planning to be the most innovative and inspiring network both locally and abroad.

In this way, various startups, technology companies, and those linked to blockchain and cryptocurrencies also support global movements such as Black Lives Matter.

Likewise, cryptocurrencies have also helped with other global problems such as the COVID-19 pandemic, being one of the ways to receive donations for different purposes.

By Alexander Salazar


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