The course is aimed at people with no prior knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

A few days ago, the well-known Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, which is based in Colombia, reported a new online course that will cover topics on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The course will be free and available on June 18th. It will last approximately 5 weeks; a total of 40 academic hours.

As the university indicated in a statement, the academic preparation will serve to delve into current technological issues that revolve around the crypto industry, such as blockchain and Bitcoin. This project serves as a guide for incoming students on the basic foundations and operation of technology.

According to the course description, its name will be “Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology”, and will seek to introduce the students to the origin of Bitcoin, as well as its support in block technology. Besides, the course will feature important analyzes of the importance of this technology to traditional financial fundamentals and their evolution, business opportunities, and their impact on other industries globally.

It is not the first time that the university has invested efforts in developing free courses on new technologies. Currently, the university seeks to provide high-quality educational strategies to contribute to the development of Colombia.

Regarding the demand for these courses, the Director of Continuing Education of the University, César Tulio Ossa, highlighted that, according to the data of the institution, that the demand has increased by up to 35% during the beginning of the quarantine that the Covid – 19 generated. In response to this, the offer has grown to the same level. “So it is happening, people are looking for the virtual topic and that encourages us to continue the offer of courses, both virtual and online,” Ossa said.

According to the university, the course on crypto technologies stands out among the educational offerings that are available for free on the web. Therefore, they hope to be able to actively contribute to high-level studies regardless of the modality.

Besides, the university representative explained that the course is free to participate, but if a student wants to have access to a certification validated by the institution, he/she can choose to pay the sum of USD 49. In this way, the student can obtain a degree that would certify his/her participation in the course. All the process is possible thanks to a blockchain platform.

The Use of Blockchain Technology in Colombian Universities

Currently, up to 10 universities in Colombia use blockchain technology to issue degrees and completion certificates. The graduate can share this digital diploma through email or on social networks to opt for employment opportunities on sites dedicated to this matter, such as Linkedln.

Besides, to provide this advantage to the student, the project would also serve for the university to have better control of its graduates, as well as to have a characteristic digital seal that provides security and ease for the administrative management of the house of studies.

By María Rodríguez


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