In the summit, Blockchain Academy and Cripto Trading Colombia representatives presented different ideas to promote using blockchain

During this week, the VIII Blockchain Meeting took place. Some days ago, people from Cripto Trading Colombia presented projects, which seek to contribute with new technologies development in that Latin-American country.

Luis Reyes and Gina Mallorca, who are part of Cripto Trading, talked about seminaries focused on people interested in cryptocurrencies exchange and the detection of frauds and deceptive offers.

Monthly, The Francois Alliance celebrates the event organized by Token Partner-Chamber of Commerce Blockchain, which this time transmits live simultaneously Facebook and YouTube.

The event brought together local and international participants of the digital currencies and the blockchain industry, who presented their projects and reported the work they perform, which address issues presently supported by new technologies.

Ángela Cubillos, Representative of the legal firm HÉRÈS, was the first participant. Through a video call, she explained the job she does taking advantage of the new technologies, highlighting the usefulness of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The firm is working on aspects associated with “the connected objects”. Several companies use those devices in order to execute smart contracts automatically., a company that produces locks with microcomputers, is one of the corporations that uses the platform to confirm payments and then enabling access to real estate.

Juliana Matiz, CEO of Investopi and writer for the news portal El Tiempo, also participated in the conference. Investopi is a virtual academy for investors who want to learn how to operate in traditional markets and using cryptocurrencies. The company promotes responsible investment and helps to identify frauds in the ecosystem.

Gustavo Betancourt, representative of Metamorph, was the third participant. He remembers that blockchain was rejected initially, a situation similar to what happened with Internet in its beginnings amid the skepticism present between companies and governments.

Steemit was another project present in the VIII Blockchain Meeting. Andrés Villanueva, an electronic user of the platform, explained the benefits of the platform. It operates in a Blockchain network, in which people can share any kind of information and be remunerated by the community based on the valuation this gives. Its main objective is to protect the authorship rights of the publications against possible plagiarism.

Anonymous complaints

Juan Cepeda and Jhonathan Higuera, Financial & Business Blockchain Center’s Directors, talked about a project to boost the public universities job. A new cryptocurrency known as “Ucoin”, which is still under development, seeks to make public budgets more transparent. This digital currency could be used by students to assume operating expenses associated with their careers.

The other initiative they are currently developing is an anonymous reporting system that operates through a blockchain network. The purpose is to overcome the difficulties and report irregularities.

Francisco Córdoba, Co-founder of Send, presented the WeSend. The idea is to offer solutions in the area of sending Venezuelans from anywhere in the world with the support of the platform and the digital currency they have created.

Philippe Boland, Token Partner’s Director, inform that the Chamber of Commerce, will be legalized, in order to adequate digital currencies solutions and regulations to the Colombian State.

Finally, Boland invited attendees to next blockchain activities in Colombia, as well as in others countries.

By María Rodríguez


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