Reports indicate that a total of 60 employees belonging to Coinbase submitted their resignation and accepted the salary compensation package offered by the CEO of the company.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, who presented some statements in a post published on the company’s blog, confirmed by above resignation. Brian indicated that approximately 5% of workers accepted the severance package offered for those who did not feel similar to the apolitical vision of the company.

The departure of the employees took place due to the statements of Armstrong in a previous post, in which he indicated that Coinbase was a company that operated under an apolitical line.

 This would not take sides in the ideological discussions that took place in the different sectors. His stance was apparently quite radical, as he invited those who did not agree to resign and accept a substantial compensation package.

Employees Resign from Coinbase Following Armstrong Remarks

Armstrong’s original statements were cataloged by many members of the crypto ecosystem as very rigid, and among the criticisms stands out the one presented by the CEO of Twitter and Square, Armstrong said that the reaction from the people mentioned was quite respectful, and admitted feeling very happy with the fact that a good number of his work team decided to remain in respect with the apolitical vision under which the company should be governed.

Some additional clarifications

Additionally, Armstrong took space to clarify to the readers some aspects that were left to confusion after the issuance of the first statement, among which the following points stand out:

Cryptocurrencies are part of a political position: There is no disagreement with this since they emerge as financial alternatives in the face of certain economic conditions. Coinbase respects the ideological positions of its employees: Certain situations that affect the entire ecosystem, but the company’s commitment is not to take sides in activist movements beyond its mission-vision.

The emphasis is more than just creating profit: Part of the resolution is closely related to the vision of creating a more harmonious work environment to work with. This will allow employees to feel more at ease and consolidate all processes in a smoothly run that have a focused ideology.

Armstrong shared the following words:

“While making team members leave is never easy, I think we will emerge as a more aligned company from this. From time to time we need to rearticulate and clarify our cultural norms as we continue to climb.

I am excited to move forward as #OneCoinbase to pursue our vision of economic freedom for every person and business.”

By: Jenson Nuñez.


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