The Lucentia LAB Company proposes the use of this blockchain platform to be implemented in the labor registers in Spain.

Recently, Spanish media informed that Lucentia LAB, a consulting service in Business Intelligence projects of the Alicante University (Spain), developed a tool that uses blockchain technology to measure work schedules. Clockchain is the name of the tool and it would control the entry and exit of workers, as well as the hours worked by the employee. It is known that the company that developed the initiative is part of the Science Park of the University of Alicante.

According to the spokesmen of the company that developed the tool, the system could ensure compliance with the rules and legal regulations that are governed in Spain. In this way, a press report indicates that Clockchain “allows complying with the demanding Spanish labor legislation”.

In the press text, comments of the representatives of Lucentia LAB are cited. They highlighted that this initiative arises as a response to problems with these records and also affirms that using the blockchain technology could give “greater transparency and efficiency”.

Regarding the system that the company used to create the tool, it was known that this software works using Alastria, which is a platform supported by Ethereum. This is not a surprise since Lucentia LAB is a partner of Alastria like many other companies in the country, as highlighted by local media.

On the other hand, during an official presentation, Lucentia LAB explained that this tool not only allows us to count and control the hours of work but also helps to tokenize the hours worked. Thus, suggests that there would be the possibility of rewarding workers for overtime or punctuality. They clarify that the last one would be at the discretion of each company.

As the presentation of the project indicated, the company or employee can access through the official website or make use of the app that was designed for smartphones, which is currently available in the Google Play and App Store.

The creation of this initiative would help to strictly comply with the labor law established since August 2019. The regulations establish as mandatory that companies working in the Spanish territory comply with a record of the hours performed by their workers, preventing them from working overtime or not being paid for the extension in their schedule. It is known that not complying with this law can cause heavy fines to the company.

Use of Blockchain ​​Technology Grows In Spain

Spain is a country that is in a process of proliferation of new technologies. Among these technologies is blockchain. An example of this is the approval of a regulatory sandbox, which has among its main objectives to promote the development of Financial Technology (FinTech) companies that are established in the territory.

Other sectors in Spain have also benefited from the use of blockchain tools. One case is the use of this platform to improve social management in the electricity sector. This undoubtedly helps the industry that sells energy and citizens who can now have more active participation, preserve their information securely and finish processes quickly.

By María Rodríguez


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