The Shenzhen Fintech Research Institute is looking for 29 blockchain technology experts to develop projects and tools for its application

China maintains a strong position with respect to the use of cryptocurrencies in that country. These currencies are considered highly vulnerable assets by common users and financial institutions. However, the Chinese government bets for blockchain technology, which, according to its criteria, could be useful in many other processes such as reading and processing information, storage and technical development, as well as technological growth in many other areas of common use.

It is for this reason that, recently, a Fintech Research Institute has published a list of vacancies for various job positions in areas related to blockchain technology. The Institute is backed by The People’s Bank of China(PBoC), which expects these vacancies to be filled quickly. This project was launched by the Chinese Central Bank and the Shenzhen Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau.

The Fintech Research Institute of Shenzhen plans to work with the Digital Currency Research Lab of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) in order to conduct a list, which is not yet defined, of projects related to digital technology with the aim to improve administrative and financial processes.

According to the reports for vacancies in the area, there are a total of 29 new job openings available to be occupied by connoisseurs of blockchain technology. This indicates that these institutions plan to create a panel of researchers as part of a working group that will study different possibilities of using, launching support projects, and establishing solutions to problems in financial areas.

Among the most important vacancies is the search of a blockchain architect, a blockchain development engineer and a high level technical expert who will rank as the highest positions within the research and development team.

To occupy the position of “high level technical expert”, the company is looking for applicants who have a minimum of three years of experience working as an expert in blockchain technology.  The company wants someone holding qualifications such as a certification of undergraduate studies to support his educational level. Also, this person must have deep knowledge in consensus algorithms, P2P (Peer-to-peer) protocol, distributed storage systems and smart contracts.

In the same way, to occupy the position of “Blockchain Architect”, the applicant must have theoretical and practical knowledge in architecture of block of chains and also in systems related to this type of technology. The candidate would be also asked for a verifiable experience in large-scale architectural projects, such as, for example, in institutional information systems.

In the case of the last position, the “Blockchain Engineer”, the institution explained that whoever wants to fill the vacancy must handle with expertise different programming languages, such as Solidity, Java or Python. He or she must have a good level of knowledge indistributed systems and must know how to handle computing in the cloud, also with the frequent use of big data.

Although this last position requires a greater practical management of the systems related to technology, it is the one that fewer years of experience request. However, it is the most important to establish the work team and achieve all the company’s objectives.

By María Rodríguez


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