As the interest in blockchain technology increases around the world, more universities and educational institutions become eager to include lessons and courses about the model that is changing the world because of its reliability and trustworthiness. This time, one of the most prominent universities in China has worked to establish a blockchain-related research hub.

China’s University of Fudan, one of the hardest and most selective educational institutions in the country, announced that it opened a blockchain research center, with the intention of developing knowledge and resources to aid the approach that has provided solutions for several fields and everyday ventures.

A Collaboration of Several Parties to Aid Blockchain Research in Shanghai

After the announcement, the Shanghai Blockchain Engineering Technology Research Center has been inaugurated thanks to a collaboration of several parties, including the Fudan University, the Zhongan Online Property Insurance Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Zhongren Information Technology Co., Ltd.

On Friday, February 15th, the Shanghai Blockchain Engineering Technology Research Center put together a small ceremony to celebrate the news, at the Yifu’s Science and Technology building in the University of Fudan. Among the people present was the educational institution’s Vice President Zhang Ren.

Zhang Ren, also Vice President of the Shanghai’s Science and Technology Commission, congratulated the Shanghai Blockchain Engineering Technology Research Center and stated that the University will fully support the newly created initiative from the human, financial, and engineering standpoints.

Investigation and Training to Reinforce Production and Research

Vicepresident Ai Jianliang led the inauguration ceremony, after which a meeting to exchange views on blockchain technology matters took place. The Director of the University of Fudan’s Engineering Center, Professor Lu Haibin, said that the institution will perform basic investigation and blockchain technology training, reinforcing the production and research to aid the city’s economic development.

The reports coming out of China state that the research center will host a program for basic research about the blockchain technology and its applications. The primary goal is to promote the growth of the blockchain industry in China and the Asian area, which will help Shanghai economy lift off.

Other Universities’ Ventures with Blockchain Technology

Other universities have embarked in similar projects, including other Chinese institutions. For example, the Institute for Fintech Research at Beijing’s Tsinghua University (THUIFR) announced in January that it would begin to collaborate with the Ripple protocol to integrate blockchain into scholarships programs.

That program involving the Institute for Fintech Research at Beijing’s Tsinghua University (THUIFR) is purportedly eager to put together the most talented and prepared students in the country to research on blockchain regulations, development within the industry, and similar subjects.

The THUIFR joined Ripple’s network, known as its global University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI.) was launched in June 2018 and works hand in hand with universities to provide tools and support for academic research, technical development and innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital payments. Up to this point, the Ripple protocol has partnered with 29 educational institutions as part of its program.

By Andres Chavez


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