They will use the blockchain system to evaluate the professional performance of the Army, as well as the registration of personal information.

In a recent article published in the military newspaper of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), it was announced that a blockchain system will soon be activated to improve processes within the military agency. According to the report, the measure will take great relevance in many areas, especially in management. It was also detailed that the initiative will seek to promote the use of new technologies within administrative and management development in the Army.

According to the data issued in the publication, the Army will use the blockchain system to manage military personnel data. It will also seek to help with physical training and the performance of intelligence and action missions.

In addition to this, it is expected that tokens can also be created, used as a reward for the soldier, and also be used for the exchange of collectibles and awards. The opinion of some experts suggests that this is part of a unique strategy that they are implementing to encourage their staff and improve high-performance tasks. This could replace the previous rewards system that turned out to be a bit tedious for military personnel.

Using blockchain technology, and based on an open accounting system including a transaction log, which cannot be deleted or violated, vital information of each employee and military personnel may be archived, including personal data, completed missions, acknowledgments received, professional career, and all relevant medical data. According to the information, the system will have a security protocol that ensures that the data is reliable.

As explained in the report, since all the relevant information and data of the soldier is within the registry, it will also execute an evaluation system that will calculate and assign the token reward that each soldier will receive. In this way, the professional who has greater recognition and better performance will receive a better amount of tokens; whilst, if the performance of the professional has diminished or acted badly, a deduction of the reward will be made.

In general, the system will also evaluate the troops and classify them into performance ranges, which would also contribute to a larger reward. In this regard, during an interview conducted anonymously to a source linked to the Chinese Army, it was known that this represents an improvement in the reward systems for the staff, since previously these were not enough. In addition to being in a system that could reward almost immediately.

It is known that the reward systems used in the Army corresponded to the award granted for outstanding events and the promotion of rank that is usually classified by years of service and performance in action.

Although the distribution of the use of tokens has not been detailed, it is believed that they will not allow this to circulate as money, but rather that it is used to achieve recognition or as a score that can be exchanged for rewards that the system considers or allows granting.

The system could also benefit the Army by contributing a secure storage system. In addition to this, it could transmit information between devices without fear of being intercepted. This according to the press report published in China.

By María Rodríguez


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