The user will receive a specific token. Using this tool, he can obtain repairs of the water purifier or purchase another product from the company

The massive telecommunications company China Mobile Communications Corporation announced, this week, it is developing a new water purifier that will use blockchain technology to collect specific information and offer new advantages.

One of the main interests of the company is to show its users that blockchain technology can be used in everyday products, such as a water purifier and that this technology is not only applicable in the use of cryptocurrencies. It also aims to simplify the way in which people perceive blockchain, as well as expand and diversify the possible uses of this kind of technology.

For this reason, Xiao Yi, Product Manager of the company China Mobile, explained: “Our goal is to attract those who are not very steeped in blockchain technology or within the cryptocurrency community, who have heard of this technology, but do not understand it. In order to achieve mass adoption, we need to turn something that looks very professional into something very ordinary”.

Regarding the product, Xiao said that the equipment has an internal chip in its system, which works together with an Internet of Things (IoT), unit which will collect personal information from the user, such as the use of the purifier, quantities of product use, frequency, among others. In this way, the company will be able to develop future studies and advances in its products.

How will it Work?

The method in which the product provides the information to the company is through the blockchain. The water purifier is a device that enjoys being a mass-selling product, and can be purchased by the user through fundraising campaigns, with a sales margin that exceeds US $ 30,000 before January 21st of this year.

With respect to the user, it was known that the purifier owner may or may not authorize the company to collect his personal information. To grant access to the company, the user will be rewarded with a token called: PWMC, which can be used later to pay for the spare parts of filters that need the water purifier, or even purchase other products.

This system is completely new among the range of products that use IoT technology. The company believes that the product is the birth of a series of future devices that incorporate the joint use of both technologies, in order to connect to the Internet without the use of a Wi-Fi connection and that can be used to send user information to a distributed network.

The development of these systems has been developed by the company since mid-2017, when blockchain technology began to gain popularity in the various global markets.

Xiao said that the company is in a phase in which they hope to adopt much more technology in all their information registers in order to simplify the processes and keep the company’s data unchanged.

By María Rodríguez


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