The purpose is to make customers feel more secure in the process of buying and selling their properties

The Chilean Real Estate firm Madesal joined Purplex, a company dedicated to accelerate processes related to that commercial sector, in order to launch a platform which allows customers to follow up the entire purchase process of their future homes, thanks to the tools offered by blockchain technology.

According to local media, this development is an instrument that allows Madesal’s clients to know all the process from the signing of the purchase promise to the acquisition of their property, making the process “more reliable” and reducing operational costs.

Felipe Alcérreca, Commercial Manager of Madesal, indicated that not only the buyers of houses or apartments will be able to do a follow-up to the whole purchase process. All the parties involved in the business will be able to follow the process, in case they wish.

With this new platform it will also be possible to review the progress of the purchase processes in the municipalities of Concepción, Santa Juana, and Penco.

Transparency in the Process

Cristóbal Pereira, CEO and founder of Purplex, said what ideas were taken into account to develop this transactional platform. The workers of the company commented that whoever purchases a home, to live or invest in it, seeks reliability and needs to know where their documents are and at what stage the process is.

Purplex Technologies is a company that seeks to provide efficiency and transparency for people and companies. Its main objective is to reduce costs in the Real Estate sector in Latin America, by implementing emerging and / or disruptive technologies, such as blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), among others, according to what its web page describes.

The system is based on blockchain technology and provides reliability in the process. According to the company, the product is now available to those who buy Real Estate Madesal.

About how to achieve the traceability process and which are other benefits offered to clients, the CEO of Purplex commented that it is also possible to acquire a property by paying it with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Real Estate Sector Adopts Blockchain

In previous opportunities, other companies have used the benefits of blockchain in the world of Real Estate. Recently, the technology company BC Digital Services launched its new communications platform Smartdoc, which allows all the participants in the mortgage sector to enjoy a secure interconnection, thanks to blockchain technology.

In the initiative developed by BC Digital Services participated agencies, such as notaries, registries and financial entities or mortgage comparators to conduct the respective pilot tests.

The new platform also covers the entire process, from the pre-contract to the signing and registration, “securely interconnecting all the parties involved. This allows the borrower to choose notary, schedule dates and know in real time the status of mortgage”, according to a statement issued by the technology company.

Purplex has a multidisciplinary team which has more than 15 years of experience in both areas (Real Estate and technology); therefore, its products, according to its clients, provide valuable services and a clear vision to take the industry to the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution and the expansion in the levels of use of distributed accounting technology, which has already been born.

By María Rodríguez


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