It is known that the pilot test is already underway and that it may be put into operation during the rest of the year, once the tests have been completed.

To certify costs in the electricity sector and, thus, establish a fuel stock to improve service for customers, the National Electric Coordinator of Chile (CEN) said they are evaluating a blockchain tool, which is created and based on the Hyperledger Fabric system. This piece of news was announced recently along with the pilot plant.

To reach this initiative, Juan Carlos Olmedo, who is President of the CEN Board of Directors, organized a meeting with the press in Santiago, where, through a statement, it was detailed that they will do a value test to improve customer services using the blockchain system.

Olmedo said that they should pay much attention to the benefits that this technology can bring for fuel costs and stock. “After studying and analyzing the attributes of this technology, it was decided to evaluate its application in the process of cost declarations and fuel stock”.

In the previous system of the blockchain platform, they managed the data manually or digitally but with the risk of being modified. This won’t happen anymore when the blockchain is installed. The power generators agents will send the information and, in this way, thanks to this platform, the data cannot be changed.

To know more about the initiative, a local media talked with Ricardo Ruano, CEO of Business Blockchain SpA, who is responsible for carrying out the pilot plan of the Hyperledger system and then implementing it.

The executive mentioned that the company was asked to create a system that would allow it to deploy a blockchain network with a combined structure. This would be possible using nodes in Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as other nodes in local data centers, something that will help all the companies associated with CEN, to join the network without having to change the infrastructure.

The CEO explained the process he needs for the validation and approval of the generated energy. “The information about the cost, stock and fuel mixture declarations is used to determine the costs of the operation of the National Electric System. Every day and at every moment, the power generators send that information to the CEN to pass a validation, calculation and approval process which issues a certificate authorizing the generation of energy”, he concluded.

Besides, he highlights that it is important for the project that the information used be immutable, transparent and with a high level of traceability, as this significantly impacts the economy of citizens. Although they are still in the testing phase, it is expected that by the end of this year the project can reach the implementation or production level.

The surprises will continue while blockchain technology is used in more and more fields and industries due to the advantages that it offers.

By María Rodríguez


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