In an attempt to improve technological processes using blockchain technology, the Central Bank of France offered jobs for an expert in this technology.

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way of performing some administrative and financial processes, as well as cryptocurrencies have facilitated the conduct of commercial transactions between nations and also have improved capital liquidation without the need for money to use clearinghouses or intermediaries.

These benefits turn out to be of great financial utility, in this way, some countries have sought to adapt this technology to their needs.

In order to maintain the global vanguard of new financial technologies, many countries are evaluating blockchain technology as a platform to be used in their processes. Different countries are developing a government cryptocurrency which allows business transactions to be expedited and connect with the rest of the world. For example, recently France has announced that they are creating a program related to these digital assets.

Although some governments in the world have found themselves worried about keeping up to date with emerging technologies and adapting to them, France had been strong in its position to ban the use of these assets. This happens to the point of refusing, even, that Libra, the cryptocurrency that would be developed by Facebook, was introduced into the French territory.

Despite this, France is aware that it is necessary to know the blockchain technology and everything related to these digital assets. It is for this reason that, recently, the Central Bank of France published, last October 16th, a vacancy to work within its offices. It looks for an expert in blockchain technology.

As it is known, the vacancy is for a blockchain analyst who will have as its main responsibility to help the French institution to implement a digital currency of its own development.

The interest of the Central Bank of France demonstrates the importance that blockchain takes in global financial markets, being even, for the most industrialized countries, a vital requirement to have knowledge in this technology for current and future trade.

The Race of Different Countries for Crypto-technology

For some years, certain world governments have taken cryptocurrencies into account for commercial use, even to boost sectors of the economy that lack of dynamism, such as the case of Venezuela, which, having a strong economic crisis, announced the launch of its own national cryptocurrency, Petro.

However, interest in these technologies had not increased very much until, midway this year; the Social Media Giant Facebook announced the development of its cryptoasset, Libra.

The idea of ​​a cryptocurrency backed, not only by the social network but in addition buy a group of more than 20 powerful world-class companies, generated strong alarms in governments who were threatened and argued that it could unbalance the currency market worldwide if that project came to light.

Because of this, some governments refused to use these assets and others, such as France, activated a prohibition measure so that the cryptocurrency, even without being launched on the market, could not operate in its territory.

In additional response, France now evaluates to begin the investigation of these technologies and, for this reason, its Central Bank is looking for an expert who can guide the financial institution for the development of a virtual currency issued by the country.

By María Rodríguez


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