Monday, August 8, 2022
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BOD announced the launch of “Crypto Mode” to create a community of national users. The institution said that it seeks to facilitate the massive use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela. The Venezuelan bank BOD announced...
The idea is to check the information related to the pandemic, detect cases, and help control the disease. This tool can bring technologists, data scientists, and public health officials the data they need to work. The...
The initiative is a tribute to the memory of Hal Finney, the first bitcoiner, who unfortunately died of ALS. The funds will go to the Golden West Chapter, the organization that took care of the programmer during his illness.
The multinational participates in a project to train the next generation of blockchain developers in more than 80 student associations around the world. The Blockchain Education Alliance of the blockchain accelerator MouseBelt now has 11 new...
France could finally adopt Blockchain to secure sporting and cultural events. The news is very positive for the crypto sphere that could find a new breath in the country of human rights. The...



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