IdentiCAT is the name of the new platform based on blockchain technology that will allow citizens to make online purchases through a digital identity.

The Government of Catalonia has recently announced that it is already prepared to begin the development of the platform that will give its citizens the ease of having a digital identity to use it and make purchases on the Internet with greater security.

The decentralized identity platform will be named IdentiCAT. By using it, each citizen would have control over his identification, so anyone would be able to modify and establish personal data that will ultimately shape their identity on the web.

Jordi Puigneró, who is a Catalan computer engineer and also the Minister of Digital Policy and Public Administration, was in charge of announcing the beginning of the project through a statement.

He commented that this tool will give citizens a new level of security in their operations on the web “to qualify and digitally empower Catalan citizens so they may conduct activities with full assurance and security in the digital society of the 21st century”, he said.

It is known that the IdentiCAT platform will be based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which will allow to the Catalan government to have complete control of the network, taking the role of central validator within the system.

According to data issued by the official statement, when the network is operational, the citizen can manage, modify and establish personal information with full legal validity. This represents a complete change of identity registration systems since, in this way, the government will only function as a validator of the information provided and established by the user. This empowers citizens to establish their digital identity.

The digital identity project for Catalonia web users, IdentiCAT, will have to follow the parameters and laws established by the European Union Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services for electronic transactions in the internal Market (eIDAS Regulation), established for European Union member countries in 2014. This gives the facility to future IdentiCAT users to manage their wallets or web operations in any country of the European Union.

The government, in the same time, did not hesitate to comment the positive aspects of this new tool that will be available to the inhabitants of Catalonia. During a statement, he said: “The IdentiCAT will be the first digital identity at European level, which will be driven by the sphere public and managed by the citizens, with the aim of becoming a standard use in Catalonia”.

Once the system is ready to be launched, the government will make available to citizens a set of tools and applications for mobile phones and computers where users will manage their electronic identities. Also, it is expected that this program will not only be used by ordinary people, but that it will dynamically help public institutions and private companies alike. The intention is to make identification processes more efficient and in a digital form.


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