The tool would notify health authorities of possible contagions through a report based on blockchain technology.

VitalHub Corp., the renowned Canadian technology company, announced the launch of an application that would be able to perform a coronavirus detection test using blockchain technology. The Canadian company reported that Sunny Side Home would use the tool in the care area intended for pandemic control in the Waterloo region.

The developers of this application followed a request that the authorities of the care center prepared. In this way, according to the official statement, the company developed a solution called DOCit.

This tool is responsible for evaluating the symptoms of Covid-19 and offers a probable result on the infection. The use of blockchain technology supports the creation of this new method and could be a quick solution to prevent the increase of contagions in that place.

A report that the solution conducted revealed that DOCit ​​will have the main function of helping to elaborate “detection tasks”. This, in turn, will create a preliminary report on possible infections. Besides, it would allow notifying the medical authorities of the care center, as well as the health agencies of the country and the region.

In a recent interview with Julie Wheeler, Administrator for SunnySide Home, the representative of the company commented on how it is necessary to have an electronic detection tool like this one available to the care center.

“When we reached out to VitalHub to help us with resident screening they were able to develop and implement something in 24 hours. Every minute counts when it comes to safety, having the capacity to respond to our needs so quickly is what every Long-Term Care Home needs”, Wheeler said.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of DOCit ​​is having a complete record of each person, evaluating in real-time risk factors such as previous respiratory diseases, as well as the known Covid-19 symptoms, such as cough, fever, headache, and breathing difficulties. Because the tool shares this record in real-time with the authorities, these authorities could work to stop the number of future infections.

On the other hand, the CEO of VitalHub commented that solutions like this one are useful since the countries must do everything they can combat the Covid-19.

“As a home-specific, configurable assessment, the DOCit solution provides more in-depth analysis of COVID patients, equipping care providers with the ability to identify trends in symptoms and groups of affected individuals quickly and early on, which we have learned is of critical importance in fighting against the pandemic”.

Blockchain ​​Solutions to Fight Against Covid-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) has shown a deep interest in using blockchain-based tools for the detection and prevention of the new disease. In recent weeks, the organization gave its approval to use these applications in some places where the use of clinical detection tests could be scarce, this would serve as identification for possible contagions, and prevent their spread.

According to a press release published on March 28th, the WHO had already contacted some of the most important blockchain technology companies to develop tools that facilitate the work of detecting Covid-19.

In this way, it is possible that shortly there will be blockchain solutions that help detect possible infections without the need to leave home. Then, it will be possible to alert the competent health authorities.

By María Rodríguez


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