The initiative seeks to facilitate payments with cryptoactives and make possible the acquisition, through bitcoins, of high-profile housing in the most expensive neighborhoods of Sao Paulo

A Brazilian real estate company specialized in the commercialization of high-end ventures through the Internet and the Warp Exchange platform decided to ally Themselves to sell luxury apartments in Sao Paulo, Brazil, accepting bitcoins, according to what local media reports this Saturday, January 19th.

“Our intelligence will do all the bureaucratic and secure part of the transaction. The seller will receive real instants after the purchase made. We are going to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies as an attribute of purchases and not of investment”, said Mateus Teixeira, CEO at Warp Exchange.

Teixeira added that the technology they will use is “fully traceable” in all phases and by all parties involved in the process, since it is a public data bank, with the aim of guaranteeing “greater security for the buyers because these are high-end properties that move a lot of money”.

Robson Stalyn, founding partner of 3i Digital, also talked about it: “In our real estate we serve clients who are looking for high-end ventures. They are the real estate with the most expensive square meters of the market and we want to provide our clients with different features that the traditional market does not have; that’s why we decided to include payments in cryptocurrencies in our real estate”. 3i Digital currently has five outstanding ventures that can be purchased with Bitcoin.

The 3i Digital association is not the first Warp Exchange. In November 2018, the Brazilian firm Flapper, known as the “Uber” of helicopters and jets, went on to accept BTC as payment after an agreement with the Warp Exchange. Rappi also announced integration with the exchange.

The trading of real estate with bitcoins is taking place in Latin America. At the end of 2018, the Argentine law firm Bildenlex announced that it had made the purchase of a property for which the payment method was the popular cryptocurrency that has already been 10 years old. On that occasion, the contract was signed on the Signature Digital Platform and it was known that the property in question is located in San Luis, Argentina.

To date, real estate has already been sold in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe using cryptocurrencies. In fact, at the end of 2017, cryptocurrencies were offered and accepted as a means of payment for some 75 properties in the United States of America, according to the real estate business page Redfin.

These regions have shown greater openness in the use of this form of payment, but Latin America shows that it does not want to stay behind, despite the legal gaps, volatility, fraudulent schemes, money laundering and speculation surrounding the transactions with cryptocurrencies and blockchain in some countries.

In Costa Rica, it is even possible to pay salaries with cryptoactives, while in countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru or Paraguay there is no legal framework that is fully defined to protect transactions made with bitcoins or other cryptographic currencies. Bitcoin and its siblings cryptocurrencies are children 10 years of age or younger and their journey continues.

Those who defend this digital and decentralized payment method expect that commerce will open more and more doors to cryptocurrencies, just as it has happened at a gigantic pace with blockchain technology in many countries and in fields different from the financial world.

By María Rodríguez


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