Every person in the crypto industry on this year’s Bloomberg list is female.

Bloomberg Línea magazine published its famous list of the 500 most influential people in Latin America, which includes four women with outstanding achievements in the crypto world.

The 500 of Latin America, refers to the list of the most influential people in the region. For the impact assessment, the magazine considered recent economic conditions that have changed with the impact of inflation, the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the post-pandemic period.

However, the magazine has also begun to take into account a new element in the realms of power and influence; cryptocurrencies, and within them, several women are in leadership, including Mónica Taher, a businesswoman from San Salvador, who is currently in charge of the Directorate of International Technological and Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce and Investments of the Government of El Salvador.

“The 500 of Latin America trace the path of recovery. This year’s edition includes businessmen, investors, entrepreneurs, artists and athletes. Almost 200 people make their debut on the list and, in addition to the fact that more than a third of them are women, the melting pot of diversity in Latin America is also reflected in it,” Bloomberg Línea.

Crypto Women on Bloomberg List

Also on the list are figures like Colombian NFT artist Soy Fira, the country director of cryptocurrency exchange Buenbit in Mexico, Bárbara Garza Suess, and Bárbara González, General Director of Bitso, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Latin America.

The 2022 list includes a growing percentage of women who have led initiatives to advance their countries’ economies on key indicators.

“This year we have included some markets that are new to the list, but whose economic activity is part of the economic environment of the region. Thus, we present people from Cuba, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and a selection of Hispanic executives in the United States who run companies with a presence in the American continent.”

Women and Crypto Universe: A Path to a Better Future

The results present a positive advance in the participation of women and the crypto sector in positions of influence for Latin America, with a growing challenge to come, since despite the results, women make up just a little more than a third of the list.

On the other hand, of the four personalities that represent the crypto world on the list, all are women, which brings with it an encouraging and more than interesting outlook.

However, there seems to be a lot of work to be done, as Monica Taher herself explained in an interview for BeInCrypto:

“We need to empower and educate more women so that they learn not only to save but also to invest. Likewise, we need them to be prepared for any eventuality, like a divorce, for example, where we know that due to the salary gap, almost always and economically speaking, they are the losers. Finally, we need to educate more girls and young women in STEM fields, the careers of the future, so that they are competitive at a regional and global level. The work cannot and must not stop.”

By Audy Castaneda


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