The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, believes that blockchain technology is a bubble, like the dotcom bubble in his time, according to a local newspaper on Wednesday.

During a conference in New York, Wozniak expressed that the dotcom era created a similar frenzy among the companies that did not complete their promise,

“It was a bubble and I have the same feeling about the blockchain,”

said Woz. However, Woz did say that blockchain is,

“decentralized and totally reliable”,

emphasizing that it may only “need time” for its potential to bear fruit.

“That does not change in a day, the blockchain ideas are really good, but when they arrive early, they can get burned, not being prepared to be stable in the long Term”

Wozniak would have similarly expressed his opinion regarding the future and potential of cryptocurrency last month.

CNBC newspaper indicates that Wozniak pointed to Ethereum as a long-term cryptocurrency, due to how versatile and reliable it can be, as well as the possibility for
developers to create on their blockchain. In May, at a conference held in Vienna, Wozniak also compared the Ethereum platform with Apple, suggesting that it could become as influential as Apple. Woz referred to Bitcoin as “pure digital gold” earlier this month,
and that it is still “simply amazing”


by Samuel Paz


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