The certification exams for becoming a financial analysts will include topics about blockchain. The Approval of this measure is intended to ensure analysts have the best available job opportunities.

In 2019, exams to apply for the credentials of financial analyst will include topics about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, according to Bloomberg for Education and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute.

Since 1963, CFA applies exams to a selected group of candidates from 170 cities and 93 countries two times a year, in June and December. People who are looking for a certificate want to learn how to management an institution. When participants approve their exams, CFA gives them credentials to start at level I, II or III, depending on the abilities they show. This addition will be announced in August, when the official enrollment to participate in the special exams begins.

CFA believes blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will have a significant impact on the financial world. The questions about blockchain will appear in a section called “FinTech”. This is the most important for traditional financial firms, like Goldman, CBOE and CME, and for many projects about cryptocurrencies. Those institutions have an important role in the increase of the value of Bitcoin.

Stephen Horan, General Education Director for CFA, thinks that topics like cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology progress faster than others. In 2017, more than 131,000 people took the exams to become a CFA, but only 43% of them passed. It is recommended to study for more than 300 hours prior to taking the CFA exam.


by María Victoria Rodríguez


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