Companies could participate until April 30th.

The Municipality of Mendoza, in Argentina, recently opened a call to offer financial aid to those startup companies working on blockchain projects. The idea is to create a “Red Open Future” of Telefónica, which is one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies.

In this sense, the municipality of Mendoza invites entrepreneurs who are working on initiatives related to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), better known as the blockchain. The public body wants the companies in the region to enroll in the project of acceleration and technological drive it hopes to launch.

According to the statement that the municipality published, the public body expects to receive DLT projects adapted to the business model of these companies. So they look for innovative initiatives that offer tangible and visible results for different functions in the future and already use blockchain technology.

How to Participate?

The authorities of Mendoza highlighted that the startup companies interested in participating will be able to register their projects until April 30th. Then, the authorities will evaluate these companies for the final selection.

The most anticipated proposals are those that involve DLT in their processes. Mendoza authorities seek to promote the benefits of using blockchain technology in administrative and financial processes in different areas.

This project designed to promote the development of local technologies also covers other areas, which may well participate to receive municipal support. Other branches in technological innovation that can compete are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cybersecurity, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, Biotechnology, Video Games, among others.

The statement also expressed the projects that must have a certain level of development to participate, since the authorities of Mendoza seek to create concrete results to promote and materialize the tool.

“They are looking for startups that can demonstrate a significant evolution in their business in six months, through concrete results. Projects will be selected with a degree of progress in disruptive industries that want to revolutionize the most traditional technologies (…) the municipality offers projects the opportunity to access the incubation/acceleration program and the co-working space of the Entrepreneurs Club”.

The organizers of the project created an official website where interested companies can make the necessary registration to participate. A form on the website expresses some essential requirements for registration. These requirements include the constitution of companies with no more than five years of creation. All participants must be over 18 years of age and they will not register multiple projects individually.

This is the third time that the Municipality of Mendoza conducts this type of project to promote the development of new technologies in different areas. However, it is the first time that it has worked together with Telefónica to obtain a greater scope.

The Open Future Network is a program of the Multinational Telefónica which seeks to support entrepreneurship and innovation in some countries such as Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, among others.

DLT or Distributed Ledger Technologies have a certain level of application in different functions such as in the establishment and creation of digital identity, document certification, product traceability, and various functions in crypto technology and digital currencies.

This could be an important step for the community of Mendoza to improve the work in different industries, thanks to blockchain technology.

By María Rodríguez


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