The exact duration of this agreement between both parties remains unknown. The entity was looking for a company that could lead the management of cryptocurrencies since 2019.

The United States Allocation Service recently published a contract indicating that the BitGo custodian company is up to administer the bitcoin schemed by the police force through confiscation proceedings.

The agreement for the cryptocurrency receipt goes around USD 4.5 million, according to the document that came to light on April 21, 2021. Right before the BitGo association with the applicable agency of the league, the USMS, the FBI, and The Justice Department are managing the bitcoin transactions and the submissions.

Although the exact duration of this agreement remains unknown, the USMS announced in 2019 that a company would be working to bring all the range of management and elimination of digital currencies.

Among the active services working through this agreement are accounting, completion of audits, creation, and management of charters, generation, retrieval of private keystrokes, and air handling of retained cryptocurrencies.

The USMS is a branch of the Department of Justice of the United States. In one of its first subbases, Tim Draper purchased a sum that surpasses $ 30,000 in BTC, which went through confiscation from the darknet market, Silk Road.

Recently, in November 2020, the Department of Justice revealed that it had collected more than USD 1,000 million in bitcoins from this market. The surrogate of a person known as “Individual X”, and allegations are suggesting this may have been one of the individuals involved in the robbery of bitcoins during the investigation.

Bitcoin Volume Receives Full Support from the Authorities

The US Marshal Bitcoin Auction website, created by Casa CEO Jameson Lopp, states that bitcoin protection is seeing an increase to show the volume of BTC underpinned by authorities. This website reveals that the volume is currently facing an update in 185,230 BTC, which equates to USD 9,400 million on the current exchange.

BitGo is a digital asset custodian company founded in 2013 by Mike Belshe and Ben Davenport. The firm acquired the most recent license from the New York City Department of Financial Services (NYDFS, in English) to consolidate a cryptocurrency commission that can be useful to Wall Street institutional investors.

This license allows BitGo to make its independent and custodial service work at the New York City Bank Ley Bancaria. Other companies that have similar charges include Paxos, Gemini, Coinbase, NYDIG, and Bakk.

Users having this license might bring significant benefits to BitGo; it also means constant regulatory scrutiny. The institution paid USD 100,000 to the Department of Treasury of the United States before due to violations of rules administered by the Office of Control of Foreign Activists.

As of 2018, BitGo acquired a license from the NYDFS bank. While operating from the Dakota Bank of the South, now in New York, it tends to compete with other custodian service institutions that hold a license, like Coinbase, Gemini, and Paxos.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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