The projects that Bitfury expects to develop are directly related to the development of programs with green energy, training of national personnel, and growth support for technology companies

In a recent press report from a news agency in Kazakhstan, it was announced that the company dedicated to creating blockchain solutions and tools, Bitfury, has partnered with the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC), this in order to jointly develop some projects related to blockchain technology in the Asian country.

The news was revealed last Friday, May 17th, during the Astana Economic Forum (AEF), an annual business highlight of Eurasia that this year seeks to promote new ways of development and growth for the economy of the region, as well as improving the use of new technologies for the society, and personal and economic uses.

The company’s central interest in the region comes from its confidence in opening up to new financial markets, which seek to boost their own development from complete investment and strengthening mechanisms, in addition to a deep appeal to strengthen its management in the sector of interests and consumer rights.

Bitfury is one of the largest companies dedicated to developing and researching blockchain technology. It becomes a pioneer in the creation of infrastructure, services related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and their platforms, as well as mobile data centers with personal characteristics, among other developments.

Among the different benefits that will bring the alliance between Bitfury and AIFC it will be the establishment of different data centers in the capital Astana. The idea is to create a better working environment among its citizens, as well as collaborate with the correct administration of resources in the city.

The company is interested in training human capital in the country, in order to prepare them to handle blockchain technology. This is the reason why education and preparation programs will be launched together with an assistant department of the Office for Continuing Professional Development of the AIFC. This responds to an inclusive policy that Bitfury has to promote knowledge, demonstrating a strong interest in improving education in the countries where the company opens up.

According to the Head of Kazakhstan for the Bitfury Group, Timur Bairov, sharing knowledge about the blockchain technology that runs his company, is part of his business seal, as has been done previously in countries where Bitfury has taken place, such as Ukraine and Georgia. “We believe we can help build a brighter future for the people of Kazakhstan by introducing blockchain technology in many sectors”.

It is important to add that there are other emerging companies related to technology and communications that will benefit from the collaboration and effort that Bitfury will have throughout Central Asia as well as a close relationship with the AIFC.

TheAstana Economic Forum not only seeks to promote collaboration with foreign companies, but also projected the joint growth of national companies with support of new global technology.

“We are honored to work in Kazakhstan in collaboration with the AIFC. We are encouraged by their enthusiasm for more transparent systems, as well as their commitment to participate in a growing global economy driven by blockchain technology. We look forward to serving the citizens of Kazakhstan and the region in these efforts”, commented Valery Vavilov, CEO and Founder of Bitfury Group,during his speech at the Forum.

Bitfury has great plans for the development of social projects, the preservation of the environment and energy improvement that would imply the direct use of sustainable technology supported by blockchain technology, which promises to change the current everyday life.

By María Rodríguez


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