According to Russian publication Forklog, the prominent blockchain firm Bitfury will foster the creation and development of blockchain projects by establishing a partnership with the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Also, in addition to helping innovators and creators to develop blockchain projects, the educational institution will also offer courses and additional training resources dedicated to “specialists who are able to create innovative projects using digital technologies in a short time.”

Benefits for all Parties Involved

The alliance will provide benefits to the university, students in need of training and opportunities, and Bitfury. According to the company’s head in Russia Dmirty Ufaev, the pact will allow specialists to “bring [the projects] to market amid the new industrial revolution.”

The strategic partnership between the two institutions will be backed and supervised by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media in Russia. A pilot program has already been launched, and the aspirations of Bitfury and the university have been met.

It is no secret that the blockchain technology and its applications are raising interest at all levels, and the educational sector is, very clearly, not an exception. Prominent universities and colleges around the world are currently offering courses related to crypto. Coinbase recently published a study showing that a very high percentage, 42% to be precise, of the best 50 universities of the planet have at least one blockchain or crypto-related course. Berkeley, Stanford, and Cornell are perfect examples.

Blockchain Accelerators and other Alliances

Another example of blockchain involvement in educational institutions is the University of Gibraltar. Last month, it established an “advisory group” that will shift its resources to develop blockchain-related lessons. The course, called New Technologies in Education, combines efforts from the government, the university, and several tech companies in the mentioned nation.

The University of Tokyo is following a similar path, having announced this week a blockchain technology course thanks to donations from several businesses, such as banking giants Sumitomo Mitsui. The private sector donated a staggering $800,000 to help finance the program.

At the start of November, most specifically on the 6th, Bitfury ended a funding round that raised nearly $80 million. The initiative had VC fund Korelya Capital as the primary force behind it.

Also, IBM, the worldwide known tech company, joined forces this week with the Columbia University to launch two blockchain accelerators in their quest to impulse the technology development. They are the IBM Blockchain Accelerator and Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator, and they will support 10 startups each, according to a press release.

A Little Bit More about Bitfury

Bitfury is the one of the leading full-service blockchain technology companies in the planet, as it aims to develop and deliver both software and hardware solutions that can be adapted and adopted by governmental institutions, businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals in order to move assets across the blockchain in a secure way.

The company states that it provides and ensures “successful, easy, fast, secure, and cost-effective connectivity to the blockchain.”

By Andres Chavez


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