The agreement between Bitex and the Ministry of Security of Argentina will seek to investigate the use of cryptoactives in illegal activities, as well as they will seek solutions.

In recent publications issued by the Ministry of Security of Argentina, it was announced that the public body has signed an important agreement with the renowned Fintech Company Bitex, which proposes using blockchain technology as a resource to combat electronic crimes in all its variations, including the doubtful uses of crypto assets such as Bitcoin (BTC).

According to local news, the alliance between the public institution and the technology company will have as its central axis to conduct training activities and studies. The objective is to boost investigations about the correct and incorrect use of cryptoactive among other things, as well as how to create projects to extend the security on the Internet and prevent cybercrime.

According to the review published in local media, this agreement will help the government institution establish a method to expand knowledge about the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies. It will be also about how people, institutions and private companies use these digital assets. In addition, they plan to conduct an informative scheme of each crypto asset in order to conduct a working method for when this asset is used in irregular events.

In another sense, it is also considered to study the behavior of the new cybercrime methods that are being used at present. This is in order to counteract them in the best possible fashion. Investigating all the uses that a cryptocurrency can have could ensure the best ways to prevent crimes of this type with cryptocurrencies. That is what both institutions want to do.

It will also establish the best ways to keep crypto assets safe, as well as to investigate transactions made with them. The intention is to protect users too and know how these assets can operate without problems.

Pablo Lázaro, who is Director of Cybercrime Investigations of the National Directorate of Investigations, at the Ministry of Security in Argentina, said that cooperation between the institution and the private company is the best opportunity to demonstrate the skills to fight cybercrime.

“We celebrate the agreement between the Ministry of Security and Bitex since it is another demonstration that public-private cooperation is necessary to combat cybercrime and to strengthen the protection of citizens and businesses that are often victims of organized crime”, Lázaro said.

Bitex is known for being a Fintech company that was created in mid-2014, and since its inception is responsible for providing services related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Currently, this company has operations in some Latin American countries such as Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and, of course, Argentina.

This agreement means for Bitex greater growth for the industry. This is explained by some spokesmen of the company: “With this agreement we seek that the growing adoption of Bitcoin be beneficial to society and occur in a secure cyberspace”, they commented.

By María Rodríguez


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