Bitcoin prices and regulations have changed, yes, exactly as I’m saying it. This is not simple speculation. The truth is in the numbers, waiting for Bitcoin to climb suddenly from a standard price to a higher number in a short amount of time is a dream of the past, and the records-high in a week have notably declined.

After April, the halving has not gone that well. Bitcoin has been trading largely sideways without surprising or sudden changes. At this very moment, Bitcoin is being traded at $9,242.90, down 0.10%.

Why those beautiful moments when bitcoin used to climb up from $9,000 to more than $15.000 are simply gone?

Volatility adapts to the evolution of the market, the spikes will show up constantly but it will never get back as it used to be. Despite this, Bitcoin is now in a more solid position than some years ago, and this is very refreshing news.

In general lines, Bitcoin puts its feet heavily on the ground for the first time, and it is important to understand that those aggressive fluctuations are over; we must adapt to it due to this global pandemic. Bitcoin has not fared well enough in the market since the COVID-19 gave birth to a massive amount of restrictions around the world.

If it starts its move down, we can find a balance

September seems to be a good month for big numbers; October has the potential to see some spikes until January when everything is expected to be set up and more balanced.

Investors can start to see good chances at that time because physical money is going to be more available to speculate with. Besides, the aggression in the Bitcoin market at the end of January will come back when the second waves of the pandemic decrease in almost every country with a solid bitcoin market.

Bitcoin slowly upwards in September if every economy, especially that of the U.S. recovers, they both will improve in parallel. Until that time, bitcoin prices remain stable, but be sure you will not see any instant climb up until everything gets back on the trail, which includes every sector in the economy of the United States of America.

Bitcoin is being seen as a secondary option

As we know, there is still a large group of investors that firmly believe that cryptocurrency is totally against financial traditions. This happens because people who dare to invest in Bitcoin mining get extremely worried about their cash flow.

With all this instability, Bitcoin is starting to be seen as an alternative chance to invest in. The concerns are now centered on stock prices and the attention on Bitcoin has decayed a lot. This reflects the disappearing of the sudden aggressive spike on its prices.

Jenson Nuñez


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