The president of El Salvador has the preferences in two surveys, 81.9% and 70.9% for re-election. Nayib Bukele leads the opposition, which does not add more than 2.7% in the preferences of Salvadorans. Bukele is expected to “sweep” the next elections in El Salvador on February 4, where the registry is 6.2 million voters.

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, who is on six-month leave to run for re-election for the presidency, has an 81.9% lead and is positioned as the favorite for the next elections. The elections are on February 4 and Bukele would once again become president of El Salvador.

Data from the Jesuit Central American University (UCA) revealed that the voting intention for the next president of El Salvador is in favor of Nayib Bukele. The UCA would have obtained the results in a simulation carried out on a “voting ballot.”

Nayib Bukele the Favorite in Polls for Presidency of El Salvador

The test carried out by the UCA showed a margin of error of 2.7%. The remaining percentage of preferences is divided between several contenders: Manuel Flores and Joel Sánchez, with 4.2% and 3.4%, respectively. Even three other contenders have a combined 2.5%.

UCA’s Vice Chancellor, Omar Serrano, explained to AFP that “The country is facing the most asymmetric elections. A kind of procedure to make them functional for those in power” and will mark “a change in the party system.”

Months ago, Nayib Bukele made his candidacy official to run for re-election for a new term. The elections will be on February 4, 2024 and the president will run for the New Ideas party.

In November, Bukele presented the necessary documentation before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of El Salvador (TSE). Vice President Félix Ulloa also presented the documentation to, if he wins, repeat the position.

On January 18, media outlet Noticiero Hechos posted the following on X:

“The electoral preferences of the population, according to the latest UCA survey, reflect these results for the presidential elections:

81.9% New Ideas Nayib Bukele

4.2% FMLN

3.4% SAND

2.5% Our Time

1.1% Solidarity Force

1% SPF”

Bukele, who implemented the Bitcoin Law in 2021, responsible for the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, is the favorite to obtain the maximum vote for president. The Francisco Gavidia University places Bukele with 70.9% of the preferences, and his opponents have between 1% and 2.9% of voting intention.

Bitcoin Boosted Nayib Bukele’s Popularity as Head of El Salvador

Bukele is expected to “sweep” the next elections in El Salvador on February 4. In the country, the registry is 6.2 million voters. Congress will be renewed, where the Nuevas Ideas party (which nominates Bukele) would obtain 57 deputies, while the Arena and Christian Democrat parties would only have three seats.

Weeks after announcing its intention to run for the presidential elections, the government of El Salvador presented the results of Bitcoin purchases and adoption under the slogan: “Why don’t we sell our Bitcoin?” On that campaign, Bukele clarified that the country would recover 100% of its profits if it decided to sell its BTC.

It was reported that the video presented a summary, highlighting the benefit derived from Bitcoin mining in the country. He also acknowledged that although the world of cryptocurrencies is not free from volatility. BTC has shown to have a broad upward trend over time, citing the example of pizzas.

By Leonardo Perez


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