Bitcoin’s price and an urban singer keep the interest of Nigerian Internet users. Brazil is currently among the 10 countries with the greatest interest in “Bitcoin” Google searches.

It was reported that the increase in the price of Bitcoin continues to generate growth in the interest of Internet users regarding the subject. According to the information provided through Google Trends, last week’s searches for the word “Bitcoin” using the most widely browser worldwide increased by 186%.

Google measurements show that the week comprised between June 16th and 22nd saw an increase in Google Trends relative interest rate index for the term “Bitcoin”. The maximum point was reached on Saturday, June 22nd, coinciding with the first time, so far in 2019, that Bitcoin prices exceeded US $11,000.

It should be noted that at the top of the list of countries with the highest interest in Bitcoin is Nigeria, with the maximum record of 100 points in Google Trends index. Among the related searches currently on the rise in that African country, the one above the rest is the query about Bitcoin’s prices in dollars and the launch of a song titled “Bitcoin”, produced by a local singer of urban music.

According to Google Trends relative interest rate index, the African nation has remained at the top of this list in recent months. In May 2019, Nigerian Internet users also set the interest rate in Bitcoin for Google Trends, at the time of the highest search volume of the month, which occurred on Tuesday, May 14th.

It was informed that South Africa, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands currently occupy the first five positions within the table, with scores between 65 and 52 out of 100 possible points.

Brazil among the Top 10

Among Latin American countries, Brazil registered the highest level of Bitcoin searches on Google, with a score of 41. The figure places the South American nation in the ninth place within the 62-country Google Trends table.

These data reveal a significant growth of interest in Bitcoin by Brazilian Internet users, since one month ago Brazil was in position 28, with 21 points in the Google Trends relative interest rate index. The Latin American country, where Rio de Janeiro is located, has the highest number of cryptocurrency users despite recent government regulations, which are considered to be disadvantageous by industry players in this country.

For its part, Venezuela, the country that ranked first in regional search for the term Bitcoin in May, fell from position 12 to position 20 within the table, with an index of 28 points. Other Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain and Colombia, occupied positions 28 and 29 respectively, by the end of May 2019.

One of the main reasons for this trend in the search of the term “Google” is the potential of this cryptocurrency for generating big profits. Another explanation for this behavior would be its ability to recover from big falls. Finally, it can be said that this asset brings hope to countries whose economic systems base upon an increasingly depreciated national currency.

By Willmen Blanco


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