The online course will have a significant discount due to the contingencies generated by the Covid-19 worldwide emergence.

Bitcobie, the renowned online crypto-education platform, recently announced that it launched a new course for those interested in cryptocurrencies in Spain. This new educational program will allow beginners in cryptocurrency technology to learn about the basic principles of Bitcoin (BTC).

According to the web educational center, the course is aimed at people who have little knowledge in the area of ​​blockchain technology. Besides, the course will prepare people to acquire the necessary tools to make use of this technology in their daily financial activities. Participants will also know how to save money in BTC.

During an interview with a local media, Álvaro Cobarro, CEO of Bitcobie, indicated that this course will help beginners to understand how this technology works, as well as its value and its different levels of security. In this way, they will understand the importance of knowing all the stages of the process.

“The course is aimed at those who do not know what blockchain technology and Bitcoin are about. It is also aimed at those who have already bought their first fractions of BTC but want to understand things like the importance, where the value of Bitcoin comes from, and how can it be used with a certain level of security”, the executive said.

On the other hand, Juan Pablo Mejía, the creator of the study material for this course, added that it does not matter what the participants do or where they work. This study program is aimed at anyone who wants to receive training on the use of digital money.

“No matter your level of knowledge or previous experience. This course on Bitcoin is for beginners and people with an intermediate knowledge in the area, who want to be ready for the future of money”, Mejía commented.

Cobarro and Mejía added that the educational institution Bitcobie had been preparing the course for some time. However, they decided to promote the course right now since most of the people stay at home. This is because of the social quarantine measures that Spain and other countries implement due to the Covid-19 lung disease.

In addition to promoting this course, which anyone can take at home, Cobarro added that they decided to offer this course with a considerable discount. This is an initiative that will help people to take advantage of their free time. In this way, participants will also learn more about Bitcoin and blockchain technology without spending a lot of money.

“We wanted to launch this course at a great discount because taking advantage of quarantine hours seems to us the best possible plan to expand knowledge”, the developers explained.

Topics to Be Dealt with During the Course

This course will have several stages. It will offer 11 topics that will help to understand the operation of the blockchain network to conduct transactions with bitcoins. It will also focus a large part of the topics on explaining other tools linked to technologies such as smart contracts.

The story of how Bitcoin emerged and its impact on the global economic world will also be of significant value during the course, which will help explain many of the advantages of using digital currencies.

The topics that the course will include are History of money and the economic context in which Bitcoin was born; what is Bitcoin; its different components and why it is important; Concepts and elements that make Bitcoin work, such as blockchain platforms, nodes, keys, and mining.

Additionally, participants will learn about: Bitcoin as technology; Bitcoin as currency and its monetary policy; Bitcoin functioning in practice; forks; 51% attacks; smart contracts; scalability solutions such as sidechains and Lightning Network; as well as additional resources to continue learning about Bitcoin.

The developers of the course added that it will not be about how to get rich using Bitcoin, nor will it have technical content that will help people who are interested in programming with Bitcoin and its blockchain.

By María Rodríguez


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