BitCluster is building a mining farm that will use 11.2 megawatts of energy. The first customer of this farm is from China is among the first customers of this farm, whose machines will come from Sichuan.

Bitcoin mining machines are approaching the most distant and incredible places around the globe, now the Arctic Circle is the protagonist of a building of a new mining farm that receives the full support of one giant, China.

The Russian mining company BitCluster is setting up a new farm in the city of Norilsk, in a place that will gather at least 300 Bitcoin ASIC miners or more.

Sources from Bloomberg describe that the establishment will set its work in the Norilsk industrial zone, a territory on the Taymyr peninsula. The farm intends to use more than 11.2 megawatts of energy for cryptocurrency mining, an amount that increases the expansion of  BitCluster’s energy capacity to 31 megawatts by 2021.

The business model of this farm will be of the “mining hotel” type. In other words, the establishment will house the clients’ ASIC mining equipment and will charge them only for the electricity consumption they demand. Norilsk is known for its inexpensive electricity rates; those rates never surpass 4 cents per kilowatt-hour. In this sense, BitCluster users still can save a considerable amount of energy on mining operations.

Bitcoin Mining in One of the Coldest Places on the Planet

The new farm is in one of the coldest places on the planet with temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius, one of the harsher temperatures in the Arctic region. It’s an ideal place since such cryptocurrency mining equipment would generate a lot of heat when operating.

A cold-weather location is often flattering for the miners’ machines and economy, as they do not need to expend additional electricity to keep the ASICs cool. BitCluster claims that the facility will use just one ventilation and air circulation system to maintain all equipment in excellent conditions.

The farm will occupy land that previously belonged to the Nornickel Company that is a mining and smelting corporation with an increasing interest in the use of blockchain and that has been finding ways to adapt it to its sector.

Alexander Pestryakov, chairman of the Norilsk city council said that the construction of this farm in the hands of one of the largest mining companies in the market will be a magnet to attract potential investors to the city; these events would lead to the consolidation of a financial engine that will elevate the entire region. Taking into account that Norilsk’s electricity is very cheap, and its climate favors in many ways the mining of Bitcoins, this land would become the main focus of giant investors, preferably Asians.

China and its Bitcoin Miners are Invading New spots all Around the Globe

Tatyana Arestova, a BitCluster spokesperson, made a statement about the 150 ASIC S19 miners from Bitmain. The authorized spokesperson said that they are on their way to Norilsk.

The spokesperson also pointed out that they are already working with a first client from China, who would be interested in moving their equipment to the Arctic.

Although the name of the client remains a secret, Arestova clarified that the place that is sending the machines is, in fact, Sichuan, they are sending the package directly to Norilsk.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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