The Spanish proposals of the startups Dōnext and Dain were chosen among 173 applications. The former focuses on gamification whilst the latter focuses on artificial intelligence.

It was reported that Bankia Fintech’s fifth call to accelerate technological ventures selected two blockchain-related projects in Spain. The proposals of the startups Dōnext and Dain are part of the 18 ideas chosen by the evaluation panel to integrate their development program, which will also include cybersecurity solutions, user experience, and payment methods, inter alia.

Regarding Dōnext, it is a project aims to create an experience with a blockchain so that users can get involved with digital collecting, as a form of entertainment. Neither Dōnext nor Bankia Fintech referred to the type of blockchain that will be used but they did not give further comments.

Bankia Fintech defines Dōnext’s proposal as a tool that applies gamification to the development of products and services that stimulate the acquisition and loyalization of customers by creating experiences through augmented reality and video digital content and assets.

In the case of Dain, it is a decentralized artificial intelligence network that would be activated in 2021. Its promoters explain that the operation of the platform allows the efficient use of the computational resources of any device located anywhere in the world, without intermediaries, in order to solve complex artificial intelligence (AI) problems that may arise.

In other words, Dain will reward the owners of the hardware with a token for their collaboration, which would serve to open an Artificial Intelligence market where companies with the same needs can offer their services to discover and create solutions together.

According to its roadmap, the project is currently in the private sale phase of the token. Then, in the first quarter of 2020, it will move to the first stage of its initial coin offering (ICO) managed by an exchange house. The network is expected to begin its tests in the last quarter of 2020.

Growing Interest in Blockchains in Spain in 2019

During this year, there was a proliferation of announcements on the use of blockchains in public and private institutions and companies in Spain, in various developments ranging from the financial sector to ecological initiatives, as well as product traceability projects.

With respect to the mitigation of the environmental impact, there have been several recent announcements in the Spanish sphere. For example, the company Greenb2e, originally from Valencia, launched a project to tokenize the use of renewable energies and the promotion of ecological practices in the business field.

For their part, both Meliá Hotels and the State Post and Telegraph Society of Spain joined the ClimateTrade network, a project of the startup Climate Blockchain Initiatives, to contribute to environmental projects and compensate for their impact on the environment.

The two projects accepted by Bankia Fintech are just two examples of the many applications of blockchains to provide a better service to their users. An increasing number of uses for this technology is being implemented among existing and emerging companies worldwide.

By Willmen Blanco


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