The Australian Research University has enabled two new educational programs focused on blockchain and cybersecurity.

The renowned Public Research University in Australia (RMIT) recently announced the incorporation of two study plans aimed at graduate students with interests in new technologies. The University structured both programs for studying Blockchain Technology and / or Cybersecurity.

The University released the information on May 26th. Through the statement, RMIT explained that the program was the product of an alliance with the multinational company IBM; Stone & Chalk, and Palo Alto Network. These agreements would allow the educational institution to issue certificates of approval for the postgraduate course in Blockchain Business and Cybersecurity.

According to data at the start of these advanced studies, it is expected that they will last 6 months and begin in mid-October of this year 2020.

Demand for Experts in Blockchain ​​Technology

The document that RMIT university issued clarifies that the main trigger to create this advanced study program is the growing demand for professionals in the areas of cybersecurity and blockchain technology. The University explained that day by day, new companies related to these technologies are born, as well as other institutions or companies that are interested in venturing into these new ways of doing business.

According to the demand for jobs in these areas, the university accompanied the announcement of these academic programs with data that reflects the growth of the cybersecurity industry in the continent. Some studies projected that the cybersecurity industry could triple in the region. In this way, in 6 years more, this area could become AUD 6,000 million. This translates into a demand of approximately 18,000 new jobs for professionals in Australia.

Regarding the blockchain technology industry, estimates assure that this area will have an annual increase of 80%. These investigations argue that currently, it is very difficult to find professionals in these areas, they even express that there is an important demand that cannot be met.

According to the graduates of this program, Rupert Colchester, Head in charge of Blockchain for IBM in New Zealand and Australia, commented that graduates in the program will be able to choose to help companies develop blockchain solutions to improve their operations. “Students will also be able to build more transparent supply chains that can be used across several industries ranging from the financial sector to fast-moving consumer goods.”

It is not the first time that the Australian Public University RMIT has approached blockchain technology. In mid-February 2020, the Australian university launched an intensive course related to blockchain technology. The course was about “Developing the blockchain strategy”, and it applied to people who aspired to have the necessary tools to apply new technologies in various business areas.

The university concluded by commenting that these courses will help meet the current demand for blockchain professionals and that the new program will seek to further specialize professionals of the future. This is another university giving relevance to blockchain technology, as well as universities in Spain, Mexico and Switzerland do.

By María Rodríguez


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