The application will allow hunting tokens as if they were pokemon. Users may have unique benefits with the club by having a certain amount of these assets.

Last January, it was announced that the renowned football team of the Spanish league Atletico Madrid launched its tokens, which can be acquired using an application similar to Pokemon GO.

The initiative puts thefootball clubamong the teams that have taken a positive stance regarding cryptocurrencies and the crypto industry. The so-calledFanTokens of AtleticoMadrid have created thanks to the alliance of the club with the technology firm The announcement of the launch was made public through the official Twitter account of the team in mid-January 2020.

Among the information that is known in this regard, theAtletico Madrid tokens will have an average value of 2 euros, which could vary over time due to market volatility. It is known that Fan Tokens will be enabled to operate in a single network for prizes that will be directed by the club.

Finally, it was emphasized that through this network it will be possible to exchange these tokens for Chilliz, the official cryptocurrency of Atletico Madrid’s business partner,

The main characteristic that makes these tokens different is the possibility of acquiring prizes after obtaining these assets. As long as the user accumulates more of these tokens, he or she would have more chances of having unique prizes from Atletico.

Until now, the only limitation that the token has is that once users have acquired these tokens, they cannot exchange them for another cryptocurrency or fiat money. The restriction reduces the range of action of these tokens so this would only serve to make use of them in the private network.

Hunt Your Tokens

One of the main possibilities these new tokens offer is the ability to “hunt” or “capture” these assets that are distributed throughout the city of Madrid. The developers were inspired by the popular mobile phone game Pokemon GO, which makes Fan Tokens more dynamic and striking.

The idea of ​​converting the application into a method similar to Pokemon GO was approved by the entire team responsible for creating the system since, as the team thinks, this would be an excellent way to promote the tokens.

Interest in Tokens is Increasing

According to some experts, if this innovative proposal will succeed, there is a greater possibility of establishing this technology more firmly in the market, just as it would help raise the level of user confidence.

Once users obtain benefits exchanging these tokens, the population will begin to have a different opinion of this technology. In this way, they would not only use the Atletico Madrid Fan tokens, but they would also be entering a global cryptocurrency market.

The expansion of the crypto world continues thanks to new developments that bring people closer to new technologies. In this way, they take advantage of these technologies whilst learning how to use them.

By María Rodríguez


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