Participants can create parallel games and also earn digital money

CryptoWars is the video game that works as a smart contract on the Ethereum platform. The assets of the game are non-fungible tokens that guarantee the property of the user. The dynamic consists of building a village, forming and training an army, forming alliances and going to war against other players.

The main idea is to take control of the available realms. The winner of the battle will keep the opponent’s, Quantum Dust. The strategy game operates through smart contracts in a sidechain based on Ethereum’s blockchain.

This development was possible thanks to the job of a video game team of designers, this is, Matías Nisenson (CEO) and Luciano Bertenasco (CTO), who was based on cryptoactive technology and belong to a startup called Experimental, which is incorporated in Argentina.

The game is an open source application designed so that all its aspects (resources, logic, status and the rest of its characteristics) are recorded in a dedicated blockchain, called DAppChain by its creators. Its developers built the application with the SDK platform development tools.

Although the game is still in the alpha stage, its creators decided to present their creation to the gamer community and organize a launch tournament with prizes in cryptocurrencies. That is the main gain.

The Rules

In CryptoWars, users can purchase game assets such as start packages, weapons and even “skins” to advance faster. These assets are non-expendable tokens (NFT) based on Ethereum. This feature allows the owner to have full control over their tokens.

CryptoWars allows any developer to create “sidequests” or parallel games, based on the code designed by the Experimental team. This is another opportunity for those who are interested in this kind of technology.

The startup organized a test tournament for the CryptoWars application, which will be held between December 15th,2018 and January 15th, 2019. According to people close to the project, registration is free and it is expected that about 1,000 gamers will participate in the championship.

Valuable Rewards

The prize pool includes the equivalent of 1,000dollars in cryptocurrencies for the first place and amounts between 700 and 100dollars in cryptocurrencies for those who occupy the second to fifth place. Similarly, they will grant special prizes for performance.

At the moment, different video games are popular in the blockchain world. Cryptokitties was the first one which made decentralizedApps recognized. In fact, someone bought a kitty in 600 ETH, which represents $170,000. [W1] Now exists others video games such as CryptoCountries, HyperDragons, Etheremon, and MLB CryptoBaseball.

Lara Rorvner, member of the Experimental team, emphasized they believe “that the community of players is on the rise and will continue to grow despite the price”, that is, the fall or rise in the values of the different cryptocurrencies will not affect to the public or to those who become followers of this video game.

Some members of the cryptocurrency ecosystem believe that gaming applications can be fundamental to the adoption of technology and, in this case, to better understand the world of tokens, blockchain, different platforms, and cryptocurrencies.

Such is the case of CEO ShapeShift, Erik Voorhees, who said that the cryptocurrency trend for 2019 will be video games and their collectible cryptoactives.

By María Rodríguez

 [W1]Use commas for thousand.


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