The program of study will include a module about the history and origin of cryptocurrencies

In a recent press review, it was announced that the University of Palermo, in Argentina, announced a new study plan oriented to blockchain technology. It was reported that the new subject will be mainly focused on the teaching of basic concepts of the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as the learning of their codes, programming language, and fundamental tools.

According to the aforementioned report, the subject called Development Program with Blockchain is now available for registration, and high demand of regular students from its Faculty of Engineering is expected. In addition, the program is based on the Ethereum’s blockchain network.

The great novelty of the blockchain program is the inclusion of a method in which it will be taught to create and design applications in Solidity, the main language used by the Ethereum network. The most relevant points about this study plan will focus on characteristics related to security and optimization of the block of chains. As well as it will tackle the unique development of private and public networks.

A Plan of Study in Five Central Modules

The study plan developed by the University of Palermo is structured in five intensive modules that will include concrete learning plans. The first module is an introductory unit that will initiate students on the main aspects of this technology, starting with the origin of cryptocurrencies and Distributed Accounting Technology, as well as the main tokens and an exhaustive account of the characteristics of the different digital coins.

The regulatory aspects, standards, and legislation to which these technologies may be subject will also be discussed. Decentralized applications and how the exchange houses work will be the closing of the first module.

The second module will focus on the characteristics and central aspects of the Ethereum network. These aspects will focus on ERC20 of the token, Ropsten, smart contracts, the Ethereum Virtual Machine, among others.

Module three will emphasize mainly on examining in detail the disadvantages, limitations, and strengths of blockchain technology in business and in everyday life. As well as the costs, execution and technical aspects of the Ethereum network will be addressed. Then, module four will be more technical and emphasize the security of the blockchain platform, as well as guiding the students to discover the possible failures and weak points of the central programming code.

And the last module will have a central point about the most innovative information of this technology. Important advances, as well as the projections of this technology in the future, are part of the program.

According to the University of Palermo, this innovative course about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will include the preparation of final projects for its students; encouraging research in the area. In the same vein, it is of paramount importance to state that this is a specialized program, which main goal is to train developers who will be able to put into practice what they have learned and innovate on this technology of the future.

By María Victoria Rodríguez


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