The commercialization of this comic will happen through the Nifty Gateway marketplace. The story line’s development will occur in conjunction with the community and other crypto artists.

José Delbo is an Argentine comic artist; he is famous for his work on Wonder Woman for DC Comics and The Transformers for Marvel Comics. Delbo recently released on April 27, 2021, the first piece of the Satoshi, the Creator saga (Satoshi The creator, the hero we deserve) that will begin to tell the story, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The cartoonist explained that the community recently decided that the story will take place in the not too distant future: the year 2029. The piece itself is collaboration with a very talented 3D artist from Colombia called Vuho. He assures both will keep working together shortly to continue developing this project.

The announcement came to light through his Twitter account; he commented that the commercialization of the first Satoshi, the Creator comic in the non-fungible token (NFT) format would happen through the Nifty Gateway marketplace.

The visual artist created an HD video with Vuho3D. The concept shows a robot looking from the top of a balcony towards a city that looks like New York. From there, he goes down to earth, drawing his two swords like a shinobi. The action goes in the company of special effects of lightning and police sirens. It lands with the phrase: Satoshi The Creator.

The visual artist describes Satoshi as The Creator and the environment in which it operates. It is the year 2029. Factions have formed between men and machines. The Fiat Defenders have officially declared war on Bitcoin and all its users and supporters. The Metamachines seek to destroy humankind. But humans already have a hero, a hero they deserve.

All proceeds coming from this promotion will go to charity centers to provide mental health first aid training. In honor that May is the month of Mental Health, said the cartoonist.

The Comics Professional Lives in the United States of America Since 1963

 The visual artist also commented:

“Before I came to the United States of America and started pursuing my dream of becoming a comic book artist, I used to be a fan of American cowboy westerns.

 It was a massive inspiration for me. Few know that I started working in the art department of an appliance store, drawing massive pictures of the products that the store had in stock. Back then, they used drawings instead of the pretty photos they now use for advertisements. “

Delbo shared with his followers that his first big break came when he received an invitation to work on the Billy The Kid comics for Charlton. He remembered how excited he was. Not just to work on real comics, but to work on one of the most iconic American westerns. “This was a dream for me.”

By: Jenson Nuñez


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