The game will offer a prize each week. It is not necessary to be an expert in cryptocurrencies to play. People from any country or age can participate.

During the quarantine-time, which seeks to avoid the spread of Covid-19, many people have free time that they can take advantage of. For this reason, an Argentine bitcoiner named Rodolfo Andragnes created a game which consists of finding the keys that open a “chest” of bitcoins.

“Pirates of the seeds” is the name of the Bitcoin game that is giving a lot to talk about in Argentina. The main objective of Andragnes was to keep active his relatives, friends, and close friends in Argentina. However, the game expanded a bit more, as the family and friends of the bitcoiner recommended.

Andragnes is also the current president of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina. For this reason, he decided to use the knowledge he has in the crypto world to create a game that makes the players think. The players must guess some words that are the ones that lead to the bitcoin treasure.

“During the coronavirus quarantine and the seclusion, our lives do not only have to be watching funny videos on WhatsApp, Tiktok or Facebook. We have this option of ‘Pirates of the Seeds’ that we all can play, from anywhere in the world and without needing to know anything about cryptocurrencies”, the bitcoiner explains to local media.

He also added that: “If you don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies and you win, you are going to have an excuse to want to save your bitcoins or convert them into Argentine pesos, although in times like these when the dollar shoots up and our money loses value, surely your best decision is to save these cryptocurrencies”.

About Pirates of the Seeds

The game is based on the seed-keyword system of cryptocurrency wallets. The player has to discover the 12 words (the seeds) that each track represents. Then, in that same order, the player must try out these words. But be careful, there are 2,048 possible words that the player can find in the dictionary.

The clues to guess the words are not impossible to obtain, but they are direct neither. To discover them, the player will require imagination, lateral thinking, some knowledge, and innocence. Time and patience are some of the qualities that the player will need. All of this will help. Therefore, people of all ages can contribute and participate, like a family game.

“The order of the words is also important, although it is not always clear, so the player must discover these words. If you are already a Bitcoin user, you can use your tools to test the words or take the Bitcoins. If you are not a Bitcoin user, the Bitcoin groups on Facebook or in the Telegram group of the game will guide you to do so”, the bitcoiner explained. Whoever guesses all the words first will open the chest and will obtain the prize in bitcoins.

To start playing, the player must access the game’s website, which is Once the player signs up, he or she should start working to discover the keywords of each box. Each clue helps define the word that goes in each box.

Every Saturday, starting at 12:30 in the afternoon, the competition will open a new treasure. The treasure of this Saturday, April 18th, was USD 200 in bitcoins. The game was so popular that the creator found the support of some companies that will make contributions each week. In this way, the chest will have more coins to offer.

By María Rodríguez


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