The Ministry of Science and Technology of that Latin American country takes control of the project.

In the city of Córdoba, Argentina, the Ministry of Science and Technology recently approved the allocation of financial resources that will allow developing an education project that involves blockchain technology.

According to local media reviews, the name of the initiative is “Blockchain Node”. The higher education institutions in the Argentine province support this project. According to the media press report of La Voz, one of the objectives for the creation of this project is to promote a meeting space for those who are interested in using resources related to blockchain technology.

In addition to the Ministry of Science and Technology, prestigious institutions in the city such as the National University of Córdoba, the National Technological University, the Aeronautical University Institute, the Catholic University of Córdoba, and the Córdoba Technology Cluster support this project.

Although there are still many points to define, the local media explains that representatives of all these institutions have already held meetings to establish the objectives and points necessary to carry out the project.

Many of the central points of the initiative are still being evaluated. However, the main objective is aimed at stimulating the creation of blockchain tools or solutions in the province. To conduct this main objective, they decided to establish the development of a training program that helps provide the necessary tools for the task.

The route that mutual agreement establishes is that the central plan is “to work in the coordination, articulation, and complementing of capacities to optimize efforts and deepen the specialization of local talent, as a competitive differential for the province”.

Regarding what was established for the educational project, the review of La Voz comments that “currently, the node works on dissemination strategies with webinars (adapted to the context) by renowned local and international professionals”.

In another point raised in the working tables, the Blockchain Node group has been studying the possible tools they can create locally. This action could boost the industry in the future. About this possibility, the well-known blockchain entrepreneur, Javier Salomón, commented, through his official Twitter account, his enthusiasm for “being part of a roundtable with professionals and specialists, representatives of Argentine institutions and companies within the framework of the creation of the Blockchain Node for the Government of the province of Córdoba”.

This is not the first approach of the Córdoba authorities with blockchain technology. The official website of the municipality details that, since 2017, blockchain tools have been used for certain private and highly important records. In this way, they certify some valuable documents through networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin blockchain, and Signature.

The adoption of these technologies has had a substantial increase in the Latin American country in recent years, especially the growth of the number of people who have reserved their savings in cryptocurrencies, due to the economic instability that Argentina is facing. The use of blockchain can also gain strength if a large part of citizens gains confidence in these new technologies.

By María Rodríguez


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