Pompliano commented that the market eliminates bad people and deals to ensure high-quality representation, acting as a judge. The crypto community believes Sam Bankman-Fried served as a black hat hacker to keep the money within Bahamian jurisdiction.

Anthony Pompliano, an American entrepreneur and investor, still believes in the crypto industry despite the disappointing conduct of Sam Bankman-Fried. The latter stopped being the white knight of cryptocurrencies due to his mishandling of FTX client funds and strange behavior on Twitter.

Pompliano recently commented that the market eliminates bad people and deals to ensure high-quality representation. He views the industry as a judge, stating that Changpeng Zhao took advantage of that to take FTX down.

The entrepreneur also believes many people claim not to have information and not knowing what happens. He added that he keeps money assets on FTX, with which it has an advertising relationship.

This Bitcoin supporter has drawn attention to saying that Satoshi Nakamoto deserves the Nobel Prize for Peace. Besides, he has advocated including cryptocurrencies in pension funds and described the energy consumption of mining as crucial.

Meanwhile, Nobody Knows Who Owns the Funds of FTX Users

Last week, the crypto community was in an uproar upon learning that FTX had suddenly moved a considerable sum from the exchange. After that, there was a battle between the black hat hackers, who withdrew the funds, and the white hat hackers, who struggled to secure USD 600 million.

The attack occurred about twelve hours after FTX filed for bankruptcy protection following nearly seven days of trouble. Since then, the hacker has converted around USD 300 million into Ether (ETH), thus becoming the 34th largest Ethereum whale.

According to statements by the representative of the bankruptcy unit taking over FTX, this team may be playing the role of white hat hackers. They struggle to recover money after they become aware of suspicious activities.

The Kraken exchange also claims to have identified the black hat hacker that attacked FTX. Since he reportedly deposited funds through the exchange as a fee for the hack, they froze his account as required by law.

The current bankruptcy team of FTX claimed Sam Bankman-Fried and the Bahamian government planned to move funds to the Bahamas, where laws are lax. The former CEO of FTX leaked text messages expressing that he greatly regretted filing for bankruptcy protection.

Besides triggering a crucial crisis in the crypto industry, the collapse of FTX has dragged down other organizations. It has also caused a legal overlap as the exchange has over 130 branches worldwide, two of which have gone bankrupt simultaneously.

The Bahamas Securities Commission denied calling for the FTX exchange to resume withdrawals for Bahamians, causing several consumers to try to breach the KYC protocol.

It is still necessary to wait for further confirmation from interested parties to see who owns the funds of FTX users. However, the crypto community believes Sam Bankman-Fried acted as a black hat hacker to keep the money within Bahamian jurisdiction.

By Alexander Salazar


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