The hacking group threatened the billionaire for his recent Twitter posts regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; although some users doubt that it was the real Anonymous.

The famous hacker group Anonymous posted a video this weekend with a threatening message for Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

Wearing the group’s famous ‘Guy Fawkes‘ mask and through a voice distortion device, the group sent a disagreeable message about Musk’s behavior on social media through his posts about cryptocurrencies. The group started their video with a “Greetings world. This is a message from Anonymous, to Elon Musk ”.

During the broadcast, Anonymous spoke about reports that appeared in media outlets over the years and openly accused Musk of forcing unethical working conditions within his companies. After being critical of the billionaire’s work history, the hacking group focused on his posts about cryptocurrencies and the CEO’s behavior on Twitter.

Anonymous says Musk’s behavior moves with arrogance and calls him a “wealthy narcissist.” Anonymous also highlighted that the reason Tesla exposed its adoption of Bitcoin was so that green money from the US government keeps moving to the company.

The hacking group also judged Musk’s strategies to found a miners council, noting that the strategy would mean that the billionaire would monopolize the industry. The video ultimately slammed Musk’s tweets about the cryptocurrency market, claiming they destroyed lives.

Was it Anonymous who threatened Musk? There Are Doubts About it

The hacker group’s message came right after Musk tweeted “Bitcoin” alongside a broken heart emoji, which caused a sudden fall in the cryptocurrency’s price. The Bitcoin market has been facing a rough decline in recent weeks, in parallel with various posts from the CEO on Twitter.

The price of the main cryptocurrency crumbled down over 50% from the all-time high of $ 64,500 in a downtrend triggered last month by Tesla’s suspension of payments with BTC due to alleged environmental concerns.

Given the anonymous and decentralized nature of the hacker team, it is not possible to determine the legitimacy of the video and the certainty about the  Anonymous group. Although the video reunites most of the features the group has used on previous videos that gained legitimacy.

Forbes was one of the outlets that questioned the legitimacy of the post, citing that Anonymous’s most popular Twitter account, YourAnonNews, with some 6.7 million followers, denied being the authors of such a video. When asked if they could confirm that the video was posted by them, the response was: “Once again, all the best, but no.”

Musk seems to be ignoring Anonymous’s allegations, although an enigmatic tweet posted by the billionaire on Saturday afternoon shows all the features of a strike-back to the video. He wrote: “Don’t kill what you hate. Save what you love.”

Musk also changed his Twitter profile photo right after the tweet. He added a filled black circle that could mean a  remarkable reference to the color most associated with Anonymous.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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