Andrus Ansip calls for the EU to “play the leading role” in blockchain developing and Artificial Intelligence in his speech at the European Commission’s Digital Day, in Brussels this Tuesday, April 10.

Ansip remarks the importance of Europe becoming the world leader in technology, in a world that day by day becomes more competitive in this field.

“Blockchain is now moving out if the lab and going mainstream. As with artificial intelligence “

According to the Vice president Blockchain “is one of the areas where Europe is the best positioned to play a leading role” quoting a British international firm, Atomico, The EU is “Home to the world`s leading AI research community”.

Ansip urged the European Union and European Commission to take the world leadership in digital technology, by supporting the European tech sector “Both political and financially”. He stressed the need of EU governments to contribute to the fast growing Blockchain technology sector “we should make the most of this new opportunity to innovate”

“Technological development needs the right conditions and infrastructure and none of this comes for free”

“For the Digital Single Market to work for people and business, to advance on our digital priorities, to make sure that Europe is a world digital leader: we need a Hard Cash” Declares the EC Vice-President European Commission is playing a big role in the technological development of the EU, In March they revealed their plans to joint regulatory framework on Financial Tech, Including Blockchain and Crowd founding standards, also launched the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum in partnership with the Ethereum startup ConsenSys with the intention to invest 300 million euros in blockchain related projects

by Samuel Larreal


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