Data from the Bloomberg Terminal has revealed that some significant Wall Road players have purchased the world’s first publicly traded product (ETP) for Polkadot.

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, UBS, and ICAP have bought various amounts of Polkadot ETP shares. This action is indicating the growing institutional appetite for crypto derivatives. There are Wall Avenue players that want to experiment with Polkadot.

The latest newscasts coming out of Wall Avenue reflected that some of the most prominent industry players revealed a growing interest in the crypto market’s diverse product offering.

According to Bloomberg Terminal data, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, UBS, and ICAP have already purchased the world’s first publicly traded product (ETP), offering exposure to Polkadot’s DOT token.

Laurent Kssis, Director of ETP at 21Shares, said that Polkadot ETP is currently under the control of more than $ 15 million in assets under establishment.

Data from Bloomberg Terminal also highlighted that Goldman Sachs purchased three lots of shares on behalf of a client. UBS, on the other hand, UBS bought 2,770 shares, while Lender of The USA’s Merrill Lynch bought 2,200 shares.

ICAP bought 1,000 shares, while JPMorgan bought 500. Instinet, a stockbroker owned by Nomura Holdings of Japan, was the senior investor in Polkadot’s ETP, having bought 9,280 shares.

Wall Road Executives Have not Said a Word

A Goldman Sachs spokesperson said they had no knowledge of the exchanges and would be investigating soon about that matter.

None of the other companies that have bought Polkadot ETP has answered questions or inquiries from journalists to this issue’s bolt. Without hijacking, the number of Polkadot ETP shares sold since the beginning of the month shows significant demand from institutional investors for products that offer crypto exposure.

Crashing on publicly traded products allows institutions to avail themselves of the benefits of a token’s performance without having to worry about custody.

ETPs still offer institutions a way to comply with regulations. The senior interest is reflecting its effect on the number of new products added to the Six Exchange.

There are currently six ETP providers with cryptocurrency products that appear on the Exchange and 34 ETPs listed on the whole. Users can purchase shares of Bitcoin Dollars ETP, Binance BNB ETP, Ethereum ETP, Ripple ETP, Tezos ETP, and FiCAS Lively Crypto ETP.

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By: Jenson Nuñez


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