B2Broker offers an easy to implement solution with access to more than 800 trading instruments. The new integration of B2Broker allows leverage of 1:100, with low spreads.

It was announced that B2Broker integrated with Forex technology provider, Tools for Brokers, a leading liquidity facility sales company, and AMTS, a provider of high-tech bridges and modules to extend its multi-asset liquidity resources.

B2Broker is a provider of technology and liquidity solutions for the cryptocurrency industry and currency trading. This new integration of B2Brokers with Tools for Brokers and AMTS will allow customers to use the bridges of these platforms to access and benefit from the higher liquidity available in the industry.

In parallel with this new integration, B2Broker has made a new offer with no minimum fees for the first three months, which will allow all new customers to take advantage of the leading liquidity services in the industry, with payment terms favorable for a limited period of time. Regarding the announcement, the CEO and founder of B2Broker Arthur Azizov notes that the expectation of the company is to provide the most extensive liquidity resources in the industry.

What B2Broker Offers

B2Broker empowers businesses by providing them with the highest liquidity, with highly competitive trade costs. Being a leading liquidity provider in the industry, B2Broker offers an easy to implement solution with access to more than 800 trading instruments, including 39 cryptocurrency cumulative distribution function (CDF) and 7 asset classes with several currencies from the same account.

This company provides liquidity in Forex in more than 75 currency parities, adjusted spreads ranging from 0.00000 pips, without rejecting operations and with leverage of up to 1:100. Cryptocurrency liquidity offers include both marginal cryptocurrency contract for difference (CFD) and Spot (cash) liquidity, such as the physical delivery of an asset.

While CFD liquidity covers the world’s equity markets and the ETFs of the main exchange houses, it also covers more than 10 world exchange indices, with the ability to trade CDF in 39 cryptocurrencies, energy and CFDs of metals.

How It Works

The liquidity offered by B2Broker is an aggregate from the main liquidity providers, including cryptocurrency exchange houses, non-bank liquidity providers, currency brokers, cryptocurrency brokers, market makers, over-the-counter (OTC) orders from institutional customers, investment funds and hundreds of customer brokerage orders, resulting in the largest liquidity supply in the industry.

B2Broker collects and distributes liquidity through various distribution systems including OneZero Hub, PrimeXM X-core, B2BX Marksman and FIX API, as well as the Tools for Brokers bridges and the ECTS bridges from AMTS. In this way, it offers multi-connectivity and cross-connection for MT4, MT5, B2Trader, DevExperts (DxTrade), AlphaPoint, xStation and cTrader platforms.

B2Broker Liquidity Process

The B2Broker model is very simple and uses a transparent agency model. The company adds liquidity from the leading first-level liquidity providers within its ecosystem and provides this liquidity to stockbrokers, who are then connected to B2Broker’s liquidity supply in just five minutes.

Once connected, they find a wide range of other benefits offered by B2Broker, including nominal marginal accounts of BTC, XRP, ETH, or nominal accounts in any fiat currency such as USD, EUR, GBP, direct access to greater institutional liquidity resources, in addition to the lowest fees in the market, super tight spreads, large volumes, no negotiation, no rejection of orders or last visualizations for execution, 24/7 trading hours and technical support, among others.

By Willmen Blanco


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