Amazon Web Service (AWS) just announced the release of their new blockchain template service for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric ( Making it possible for their users to easily create and implement secure, blockchain networks with an open-source framing.

These new templates allow users to develop applications where different terminals can simultaneously register transactions without the need of a central authority. “These transactions are verified and secure” according to the official press release.

This approach of AWS brings Blockchain networks near to the users, giving them the option to concentrate in the creation of the actual application without concerning about the configuration of the blockchain network. This is an opportunity for broad application of blockchain services.

Users can visit the official release in the AWS page to get started ( in the creation of new blockchain networks, there is no additional charge for using these templates, users just pay for the resources needed to run the blockchain network.

AWS has interest in the application of blockchain technology services and have partnered with companies to support the innovation and experimentation, such as the 2016 partnership with Digital Currency Group. This incursion of big companies in the realm of blockchain and crypto-related services means a new phase for developers and companies in this field.


by Samuel Larreal


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