It is expected that payments with cryptocurrencies can be made very soon in Switzerland, this as part of the agreements between government entities and two startup companies.

Startup companies Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse will make significant efforts to launch a project that helps Switzerland set up a cryptocurrency payment platform.

According to the data provided by both companies related to the project, it was known that this initiative has as its starting point the European country for the development of the tool capable of allowing the use of digital currencies for the payment of goods and services.

After the system has been tested and properly established, it is expected to seek to expand it to the rest of the European continent.

Two of the largest and most important companies in the continent are working together to develop the project.

Worldline is a company dedicated to the area of ​​payments and market services in Europe. On the other hand, Bitcoin Suisse functions as a financial intermediary.

This company, based in the same country, will allow access to the necessary assets for payments. In this way, the intention of the alliance will be to help merchants and consumers to introduce digital currencies in the commercial sector.

Since the acquisition of Six Payment Service by Worldline at the end of last year, all its infrastructures now belong to the payment services company, which granted the project as central facilities for the development of payment methods and platforms with crypto.

According to the statement issued by both companies, for this project, it was openly commented that the main objective of this association will focus on “strengthening the leadership position of Switzerland as a strong center in the crypto financial services industry”.

In this regard, Marc Schluep, who is CEO of Worldline, gave his opinion on this project. He was enthusiastic about the recent partnership.

“Through cooperation with Bitcoin Suisse, merchants can benefit from an entirely new offering without taking any conversion risk. Bitcoin Suisse has developed extensive technical experience and internal financial crypto through its more than six years of trading experience, brokerage, and cryptocurrency storage. After a successful launch in Switzerland, Worldline will launch its new cryptocurrency payment service in Europe”.

On the other hand, Arthur Vayloyan, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse, said he was proud of the alliance and also said that it is a big step for the crypto market.

“Our partnership with Worldline is a major step forward on the journey to bring crypto payments into broader adoption. Bitcoin Suisse is proud to serve as the processor of cryptocurrencies in Worldline’s payment service system. We applaud them for their pioneering spirit in taking this monumental step and pointing the way forward for others”.

Switzerland has been one of the few countries in the world that have supported the so-called “crypto-revolution”, even to the point of carrying out concrete actions, such as the statement of the Central Bank of the country itself, which issued its opinion declaring its support for cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Switzerland seems to agree with the incorporation of Libra, the cryptocurrency that Facebook plans to launch in a few months, into its economy.

By María Rodríguez


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