Users can acquire the new Atari VCS video game console, using the Litecoin cryptocurrency.

In a recent announcement, the renowned video game development company Atari, informed it celebrated an alliance with Litecoin to use that cryptocurrency in the purchase of the company’s products. Besides, Atari bets on using a token that the video game company created to finalize the purchase within its digital platform.

According to the press report by Litecoin, the cryptocurrency will work as a payment method for the pre-sale of Atari products. Users will be able to set aside these products that will come out in the future. In most cases, these products are special or limited edition articles.

Regarding the alliance, representatives of Litecoin affirm that this advance will allow Atari users to acquire any product of the company. These representatives of Litecoin hope that other companies in the video game industry will soon join the initiative and create a new digital marketing system for these products.

The Atari Token as an Investment

Litecoin’s announcement added that the video game company has big plans for its token. According to Atari, this asset may be an investment method, as well as it will function for the purchase of products and some services that Atari’s digital platform will offer.

Besides, it is worth mentioning that Atari is working on a project to create a casino that would enable digital options in an advanced way. The Atari token would be a payment method and could be integrated, in the same way, with other cryptocurrencies. According to Litecoin, the company hopes this whole system to help improve the gaming experience and make it more dynamic, easy, and safe.

Charlie Lee, Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation, spoke about this alliance and mentioned that it will be of benefit for both the video game industry and cryptocurrencies.

“Many of us remember growing up and playing games from Atari. It is great to see Litecoin being used in a variety of different ways within the Atari ecosystem, from purchasing the new Atari VCS gaming console to being used as a way to invest in Atari Tokens. The Litecoin Foundation is excited to see the possibilities a partnership like this can have for not only Litecoin and cryptocurrencies but also the gaming industry and lifelong fans of Atari,” Charlie Lee said.

Atari and Cryptocurrencies

According to official data from the video game company, the new Atari VCS game console will be available very soon. This console will have the power to play games of yesteryear, as well as the most modern ones, giving the user wide possibilities of choice. According to the company, the Litecoin cryptocurrency can also allow to purchase this product and receive a discount for using the digital asset.

Press reports in 2018 announced the launch of the Atari’s token. At the same time, Atari acquired a little more than a 17% stake in Infinity Network LTD. This acquisition will allow Infinity Network to use the Atari name in its products. Through this activity, Atari will obtain royalties and direct profits for the use of its name.

Thanks to this action, Atari created a subsidiary company called Atari Chain LTD, which focuses on developing cryptocurrencies for exclusive use in the gaming industry.

By María Rodríguez


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