According to JFK’s nephew and candidate for the presidency of the United States, Robert Kennedy Jr., Bitcoin is a symbol of democracy and freedom.

The Kennedy family has become, for many reasons, one of the most important political families in the United States.

Mainly known for former President John F. Kennedy assassinated in 1963, the family has managed to establish itself in the political arena of the world’s leading power. However, the opinion of the Democrats could change if the leadership of JFK’s nephew is consolidated.

According to Robert Kennedy Jr., Bitcoin is a symbol of democracy and freedom. What is the relevance of this? To date, the Democratic party and its supporters have not been assiduous to Bitcoin, much less to good comments.

Ensuring that Bitcoin is a symbol of democracy and freedom translates into a very significant change of discourse in the Kennedys and above all, in the Democratic party.

Robert “Bobby” Kennedy’s Support to BTC

Talking lightly about these claims could make people forget that Kennedy is the nephew of one of the most controversial former presidents of the United States. The political weight and relevance of the Kennedy family still translates into influence and, of course, a possible change in the direction of the Democratic party.

During the Bitcoin Conference 2023, Kennedy emphasized the urgency of establishing a permissive regulatory framework for the entire crypto ecosystem. The current candidate for the presidency of the United States and rival of the current president Joe Biden is recognized for being, at the same time, an environmental activist. However, he stood out in the past for his controversial views, for his anti-vaccine beliefs.

In his speech, the candidate for the presidential elections spoke about his regulatory proposals for Bitcoin and also explained that for him, Bitcoin “is its own class (of assets), a symbol of democracy and freedom.”

It is timely to recall that in a May 3 post, RFK stated that “crypto technologies are a major driver of innovation,” adding that the United States is hampering the industry and taking “innovation elsewhere.”

RFK’s biggest bet on cryptocurrencies coincides with a strict regulatory environment in the United States that spreads uncertainty among participants and hurts an already battered industry.

The candidate believes that the US economy could be more resilient if it had a diverse ecosystem of currencies:

“Just as a biodiverse ecosystem is a resilient ecosystem, our economy will also be more resilient if it has a diverse ecology of currencies, not just a single, centrally controlled one. Today we are seeing how fragile our overly centralized system is.”

More Permissive Cryptographic Regulation

Kennedy’s proposals are condensed into six special guidelines that, he explained, would facilitate the development of technology and the ecosystem. These are listed below.

  1. Guarantee the right to own Bitcoin.
  2. Grant the right to run a node.
  3. Guarantee the right to use electricity to mine Bitcoin.
  4. Ensuring that the US remains the global center of Bitcoin.
  5. Recognize that Bitcoin is not a security, but rather a particular class of asset.
  6. Pardon “unfairly prosecuted” people for their participation in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

However, these proposals or candidate promises must still be submitted to internal candidacies of the Democratic party and also, the presidential elections for 2024.

By Audy Castaneda


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