Scott Melker highlighted that eventually, even the most critical users would praise these chairmen. Melker compared the vast investors with the small ones and said they are not different.

Successful business people have become the standards of investment in bitcoin for now. This situation happens in space in frank expansion, such as digital assets, where institutional players are reaching high rates in quantity and capital used for investments.

Of these investors, three individuals stand out: Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy; Elon Musk, creator of Tesla and Twitter; and the former owner of the social network who retired to focus on Bitcoin through his entity called Block (formerly Square), Jack Dorsey.

According to Scott Melker, These chairmen may have a wrong stance about the exact moment to consolidate their respective BTC acquisitions. However, they would still get labeled geniuses for their thoughts on digital currencies.

In a recent bulletin, the analyst called Wolf of All Streets on Twitter studied acquisitions of entrepreneurs from public opinion. He stated that one might expect entities to be almost perfect when they acquire digital currencies, mainly because they are whales with granted access to endless resources.

Melker kept saying that not even the leading entities could time a maximum or minimum of bitcoin’s price last year despite that stance. He confirmed that CEOs get considered geniuses when they publicly reveal their purchases and prices reach new high peaks, but bitcoin’s corrective nature might harm them.

These entities got impacted by the negative performance of bitcoin lately. However, the standard purchase prices of the commodities still linger below the actual ones.

An Incredibly Foolish Way

For Melker, thinking about these entities’ investments in bitcoin from a short-term or timing point of view is ridiculous for looking at operations and investments.

The specialist desires to see these aspects from a perspective aimed at the long term. The analyst then thinks that given enough time, these three entrepreneurs and their entities will probably get labeled as geniuses even by their reliable thoughts.

Melker also set a comparison between the investments of these large companies and those of any individual. Traders and investors do not share differences because they conduct financial activities on a smaller scale.

The report highlights that regretting the exact moments and not having acquired them before is a wrong move. It all depends on the precise time for the businessman to invest, whether large or small. It isn’t effortless to predict the price fluctuations of any currency, even for very experienced traders.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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