Some people bet that Bitcoin is a payment method similar to fiat money while others claim that it is a financial instrument allowing derivatives such as futures contracts. However, according to a survey, around 60% of users see Bitcoin as a long-term investment, that is, as a generator of added value.

Former Texas State Congressman, Ron Paul, used his Twitter account as a dissemination tool to ask his followers in what they would invest for the next 10 years. It should be noted that he often conducts surveys through this medium to learn about the trends and preferences of users.

Among the last questions that Paul posted, there is one related to Bitcoin. In the text, the former public official presents his readers with a hypothetical situation in which a wealthy person gives them a gift of USD 10,000. Then he tells them that they can choose in which form they will accept that amount of money.

However, he warns them that they must keep the gift in the form that they have chosen for 10 years, without touching it. The answers provided by his followers for this survey were the following: Federal Reserve notes (2%), gold (32%), Bitcoin (59%), and a 10-year US Treasury bonds (7%).

It can be highlighted that a total of 77,350 people participated in this survey, the majority of who can be assumed to be from the United States, considering that Paul is originally from Texas. Of course, the winner in this survey is the cryptocurrency par excellence, Bitcoin.


It can be observed that Bitcoin obtained an overwhelming victory, with 59% of the votes of all participants. In addition, it can be noted that the other options consist of traditional investment financial methods or assets, such as gold itself.

What is even more prominent is that people relied more on Bitcoin than US Treasury bonds. The importance of this situation lies in the fact that this financial asset is one of the most reliable and valuable in the world. The reason for this lies in the fact that the United States will always exist so that money can eventually be collected with its respective interests. There lies the value of Bitcoin in the long term.

Consequently, by seeing these results, it can be observed that Bitcoin has managed to penetrate people’s interests, even surpassing gold, which was the face of wealth in human history.


The survey helps to reflect how Bitcoin is becoming increasingly familiar to everyone and its ownership is being standardized. Despite the discrepancies exposed at the beginning of the article, with each person using the cryptocurrency as they prefer, this situation does not stop the expansion of Bitcoin, at least as an investment tool.

To conclude, it can be inferred that the readers of this article may be thinking about what they have done with Bitcoin until now. They may also be considering the possibility of investing in Bitcoin for the next 10 years. Definitely, everything seems to indicate that the best investment option in the long term is Bitcoin.

By Willmen Blanco


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