Luis Arregui Henk has already managed to sell his first work for a cost of 1 ETH. In total, 50 works will appear in the auction through the NFT OpenSea platform for sale.

Luis Arregui Henk, a young Argentine, has taken his fight against cancer in a particular way: creating “crypto-art.” Currently, a public auction with 50 of his works has been opened on the OpenSea platform, as a measure to raise funds to cover an experimental treatment against leukemia that currently costs approximately USD 500,000.

The story appeared in the Argentine newspaper Perfil, in a direct interview with Luis Henk, or Lajos, as his friends know him. In the dialogue, the young man 2019 explained that he already received a bone marrow donation, which was successful, but in 2020 he had a new relapse that led him to need a new transplant, which he has not achieved.

As an alternative to the difficulty of finding a donor, there is an experimental treatment, the CART-T Cell. As Lajos himself mentions, “they say it is the future of cancer treatment,” but because it costs more than half a million dollars, it appears to be inaccessible for the young Argentine.

Lajos’ Alternatives to Receive a New Treatment

In this scenario, Lajos received instructions from specialists to make a move soon, although at present he says he is stable, with very low leukemia traces, doctors insist on doing extra efforts to help him fight with his condition.

Among the options to take are: doing nothing and hope that the disease does not re-appear, find a bone marrow donor, or opt for the experimental treatment.

The support that Lajos receives through this collection will go directly to the payment of the experimental treatment; this as long as the young person cannot find a bone marrow donor, which would be the first option to take.

If a donor is found before the fundraiser ends, Lajos says that “the resources will go to help someone else. It would be like helping two people at the same time. By this, he wants to say that he would donate the funds to someone else who needs it.

Along with the sale of NFT, Lajos has an account on GofundMe and receives donations from MercadoPago directly from Argentina. All information appears through his personal Instagram.

NFT and the world of «Crypto-art»

Lajos, almost by chance and through YouTube videos (according to the young man) entered and explored the world of NFTs. While receiving treatment at the hospital, Lajos ventured into the world of 3D modelling to channel his emotional charge and thus be able to “generate something to give to the people who are helping me,” as the young man declares for the Argentine media outlet.

In this way, Lajos went to create about 50 works to be sold as an NFT. The promotion came into effect through his personal Instagram, whose publication achieved more than 100,000 views.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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